Monday, October 3, 2011

hello san antonio!

Ever since the first time I stepped foot in San Antonio I knew it was a special little city, so I was really excited to go back with Bryan and share the magic of the Riverwalk with him.

View of Riverwalk from our hotel room balcony

1st night out on the Riverwalk

Bryan wants to be a duck *true story* so he always finds himself drawn to them

A little autumn in 100 degree weather never hurt anyone

Prickly Pear Margarita with lunch

The Alamo

Free all you can drink margarita happy hour at our hotel with an incredible view!

Riverwalk night 2

After our week in Lubbock, San Antonio was much needed!
It put a little pep back in our step and felt like a mini vacation.
It's all about quality of life and balancing everything, so a little fun is definitely needed every-now-and-then!
Thank you San Antonio... we needed you!!


  1. ok so what you're saying is, I should be applying for jobs in San Antonio?? I need you to be city scoping for me haha

  2. I have to say San Antonio was awesome when we went. I loved the River good thing about Texas ;) We had so much fun.
    Love your dress in the last few photos...super super cute!!
    And that last photo is hilarious!!! :) :)

  3. uh...who you callin' gorgeous?! you my friend are the picture they have for gorgeous in the dictionary.

    san antonio looks like so much fun. i want to go to there.

  4. I have been wanting to go to Riverwalk for some time now! It's always looked so unique. From these pictures, it definitely must be. I adore your hair and outfits in all of these! You make such a gorgeous couple :)

  5. LOVE your pictures! You two are such a cute couple! I'm jealous of all your awesome travels!

  6. I love all those little giftshops at the riverwalk! They are cheap, but they are a fun time. I heart my "don't mess with texas" tshirt I got at one of them!!

  7. lovely pictures! never been to san antonio, but i heard it's amazing.

    i'm still loving the brown hair. looks fab!

  8. You guys are such a ridiculously good looking couple:-) Glad you had fun!

  9. LOL....I can't get past the "wants to be a duck" comment! Haha, seriously hilarious. On a more serious note, it looks like such a fun time! Love all of your outfits!

  10. I kind of want that dress you're wearing in the last 2 pictures!! lol


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