Thursday, October 20, 2011

mexico: corn maze

We were so fortunate to stay at our friends house in Mexico this week!
No, not that Mexico.
I'm talkin' Mexico, MO.

Not only is our friend, Anna, a Mizzou grad and a tiny and toned beautiful blonde, but at 25years old she's also a home owner. She's in the same industry as we are and is actually on the same tour we're on, she's just in the midwest region. Her sense of design inspired me and her home provided the perfect break from hotel life that we needed. Anna, thanks again for opening up your home to us and for loaning me your super cute vest that I didn't even ask to borrow... I know you're reading!

Back to the blog...

It's mid October and we just now got our first taste of fall weather this week, so we decided to be festive and hit up a corn maze. Getting lost in Shryocks Calloway Farms themed 16 acre corn maze is a given, and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the farm, the farms owner decided to honor his grandmother, who turned 90 this past summer.
*Aerial View

In 2010 Shryocks had more than 17,000 visitors and we were 1 of many this year!

After spending an hour in the maze I told Bryan I wanted to quit. It was getting a little boring. His competitive side wanted to stay, but my hunger pains wanted to leave for dinner! Then I asked him what you do when you're a parent and you want to quit something. Pray your kids want to quit first? And do you quit or do you keep going to prove a point about not being a "quitter"?

My hunger pains won and we found our way out of the maze. Anna recommended that we grab dinner on the way back to her house at the Post Office, where I had the cheapest glass of wine of my life! Actually it was a mini bottle that they gave me. Even better!

And guess what? A corn maze has been pretty much the only thing on my bucket list for 7 years or so. Pathetic, right?Well now that I checked it off, I guess it's time to add some more stuff to that list.
What to add? What to add???


  1. I love corn mazes. They are so much fun. My hubby and I go every year. If the weather isn't rainy, that is definitely on the agenda for this weekend!

  2. You were so close to me this weekend! I was at the Mizzou game! I drive through Mexico on the way home! Your pictures make it look a little bit more exciting than it really is;)

  3. i've always wanted to do a corn maze...but what if i end up like that lady that called 911 b/c she was lost.

  4. add skydiving to your bucket list! you wont regret it! :)

  5. i NEED to make my boyfriend bring me pumpkin picking and corn mazing. asap asap asaaaaaaap!

  6. Alright- I read your blog this weekend and forgot to "follow"- I just searched for 30 min trying to find it! Glad you got to do a corn maze!


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