Friday, October 28, 2011

"i bet you hardly even remember home"

Last night at work the GM (of the tv station filming the football game we were at) came over to me, inquired about our job and concluded "this is a pretty cool job you have."
He and I chatted for a while when he asked "so you can't have a dog or a home life can you?"
Funny enough, I told him that I have a dog, a husband and a home. He was puzzled and I had a good laugh. My life puzzles a lot of people, so his questions and reaction were standard and crack me up every time!
Then he said "I bet you hardly even remember home."
And you know what? He's right!

I originally posted the below post back in late August, just after we had moved into our house. I've been really missing home a lot lately and realized last night that I don't entirely remember what home looks like, as we only lived there for 1 week. With that being said, I've decided to repost this to jog my memory... and because I love our home!


We moved in on a Monday and 8 days later, on the following Tuesday, we had to leave town for work. We needed to accomplish the majority of our unpacking, furniture placement and decorating in that short week. And we did. Mission accomplished!

Formal Living Room

Formal Dining Room (totally incomplete/unfinished)

Family Room

Downstairs bathroom

Guest Room #1

Guest Room #2

This year Ralph is celebrating his 10 year anniversary as my 1 and only plant!

Laundry Room

Master Bath


Family Room & Kitchen

We worked really hard and had a blast putting our house together. A freaking blast! So much is from our travels or pieces we've collected along the way. And much of it is brand spankin' new too! We absolutely love what we've done so far, but it's not even close to finished.


Next steps:
kitchen table
furnish our bonus room upstairs
install plantation shutters & roman shades
put a fence up for Cali
A kitchen table, window treatments and a fence will our next purchases... small fry needs to be able to run free!


We're so close, but are going to take a break for a few months to dive back into our careers.
Gotta make money to spend money, yo!


  1. i love the rustic decor ... so fabulous! you have done an amazing job decorating ... what to come to my house and help me? :)

  2. love your house! so cute and cozy looking. love that kitchen.

    now...will i be staying in guest bedroom #1 or #2 when i visit for our slumber party aka me babysitting you. ;) j/k...i've done it for my other married girlfriends before.

  3. The house looks great! Oh I wish I had a good decorating eye...sadly I do not. Safe Travels!

  4. a little less than two months and you get to go home right??
    I cannot wait to see more photos of your looks gorgeous!
    Just think about how fun it will be to celebrate AND host the holidays this year :)

  5. Beautiful! I know how much hard work you and Bryan put into the shows. :) Can't wait for you to get back homeeeee

  6. Umm can I rent your guest room haha- your house is beautiful!!

  7. Lovely. Your simple, classic taste played out beautifully! Well done!


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