Wednesday, May 25, 2011

what i'm loving

I'm loving that my parents are celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary today! I'm loving that I made it home! My flight was scheduled to leave Seattle at 11:00am on Monday afternoon. I was delayed 2 hours. Once en route, we were re-directed to Lubbock, TX and forced to land. I was suppose to be in Dallas for my layover at this point. Once in Lubbock I received a phone call from my airline informing me that my connecting flight to Charlotte had been cancelled. We eventually got up into the air and landed in Dallas, just for me to receive another voicemail from my airline explaining that all flights to Charlotte have been cancelled and that they have booked me on a flight to Charlotte the next day at 1:00pm. Bryan quickly went into damage control mode and booked me a hotel room in Dallas. I was forced to stay overnight and FINALLY made it home yesterday at 4:30pm. Feeeew, I spent 28 hours en route from Seattle to Charlotte! So yes, I'm loving that I'm home!!
View while descending on Lubbock, TX
I'm loving that when Bryan picked me up from the airport with Cali we went straight to our house so that I could see the progess that was made this past weekend. Our house was painted and drywalled!
I'm loving that I came home to 2 vases filled with flowers! I'm loving that Bryan and I are FINALLY able to celebrate our 1 year anniversary tonight, since we spent the actual day apart!
I'm loving that Alexis on The Real Housewives of Orange County had a photoshoot at the St. Regis in Dana Point, which is where Bry and I took our engagement photos 2 years ago

I'm loving that I will be home this weekend. The last weekend I was home for was Easter weekend. But what I'm not loving is that Bryan flies to St. Louis for a night.
I'm loving how fun Sunday's going to be! We have afternoon plans with some friends. Then later that evening we're going over to another friends house for a Memorial Day party! I kind of wanted to ask if I could bring our lunch friends to the party, but I decided against it because a couple others invited extras over already and I wouldn't want to stress out the hostess. How do you feel about people inviting strangers (their friends) to your house when you host a decent sized get-together? You okay with it or does it stress you out because you have to provide more food, seating, etc. Just curious...
I'm loving that my boy Hines Ward represented the Steeler Nation and won Dancing With The Stars last night!
I'm loving black nail polish! It's so not my style, but I secretly wanna do it. Do I dare?!
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  1. go for the black polish! even if you end up just keeping it for a day at least you tried it! if you hate it, you can always take it off!

    what a crazy long trip home, that totally sounded like it sucked... but awesome that you have a great sweetie there when you finally made it home!

  2. I too love the black nails... I did it for so long though that my ex boyfriend actually looked down at my nails once and said "oh so you're still doing that?" hahaha

    That sounds like my airline nightmare! I haven't been too unlucky with flights thus far so I fear my time is coming!

    I'm jealous of your weekend! sounds like it'll be a good time.


  3. Flowers are always such a beautiful gift- surprise or not. Men underestimate the power they have when holding a bouquet in one hand (major points when a card is involved!). Your memorial weekend sounds exciting! I too have run into the problem of wanting to carry one party into another by inviting the first group to the second group's shindig. However, I think that even though it might be ok with the host, its never appropriate to ask. The best way I've found is to mention you are meeting with another couple earlier that afternoon. Then your later party might mention that you are welcome to invite them. If they don't say anything, its best just to split your time between both and be grateful you're overbooked with having great friends! Happy Wednesday :)

  4. You are loving some great things today! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  5. i totally agree with you on hines...i was going to be pissed if kirstie alley won!! and yes, go with the black for a big statement--love it!

  6. happy anniversary to your parents. I say do it, I paint my toes black & fingernails sometimes.

  7. i have always wanted to try black nail polish too :) especially for a night out look.
    happy anniversary to your folks!!
    So happy you FINALLY made it home, I hope you get to relax today being that traveling is totally exhausting, especially when you are at an airport/s for forever.

  8. Thanks for playing along!

    You're loving so many great things! I'm loving the flowers and that Hines won :) He was really good!

  9. Black nail polish is going to look nice on you. Before you actually put it on you think it's going to be so crazy looking but when it's actually on it looks so nice and it goes with everything. A lot of actresses actually do it.

  10. I've never thought I could pull of the black nail polish thing, but I sure do like how it looks on other people. :)

  11. Happy 37th Anniversary! That is AWESOME! (and oh so rare in this world today)

    woohoo for making it home! Sorry your bagel sucked. It definitely wasn't the same place I was talking about :)

    why did you come home to two vases filled with flowers? Did your HUSBAND do that just for the heck of it? Please don't tell me you guys are that couple that misses each other desperately after being apart for only 3 days. (just kidding, even if you are, I will still love you)

    Woo for the St Regis! Now you need to show us those pictures.

    LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING: I am SO a more the merrier type of person. I would NEVER say no to someone asking if they could bring along extra peeps for a party, and not because I didn't want to be rude and say no, but because I honestly love parties and love hosting people and do NOT get stressed out about that. So if your hosts for Memorial Day weekend are anything like me, I would ask. And I would bet money she would say yes without hesitating. Because I would, wouldn't you?

    I LOOOOOOOOVE black nail polish. In most of my facebook photos when I am doing something that matters (like partying Vegas, etc) I always have on black nail polish. It really does make you feel a smidge more "Edgy". and I think it IS secretly your style :)

  12. LOVE the new photo of you and your hubs on the sidebar. Super cute!!
    you should frame on your new fireplace, that is if you have one...which im sure you will :)

  13. LOVE the engagement picture! You two are HOTTIES AND do a much better job in from of the camera than Miss Alexis.


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