Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bridal party gifts

Bridal party gifts allow you to show gratitude and appreciation to those special friends whom you chose to stand with you in your wedding ceremony.

I gave my bridesmaids Tiffany necklaces.

Bryan gave his groomsmen gift cards and something else (I don't remember what though).


Being that I was just a bridesmaid, I figured that I'd share what Sara got each of her girls.

Each bridesmaid received different earrings. Depending on our personal style, Sara got us girls studs, smaller dangley ones and various styles of hoops. These are what I received and I love them... they're so me!


This is the end of the night, so it's pretty messy but awesome none-the-less!
Being a bridesmaid is such an honor.
I have been one several times and everytime I love the experience more and more.
I think this was the last wedding that I'll ever be in though.
All of my closest friends are married now and I was in all of their weddings.
And the friend(s) that aren't married have made it clear that they don't ever want to be, so I really tried to soak it up and enjoy every second I had in this experience.
Bridal party gifts are so not neccessary for me to receive, but I must say I am loving everything Sara gifted me!


  1. you have friends that don't ever want to be married? I want to hear from them directly because I joke about it, but I sooo want to be married.

    Your hair and make up look stunning, and I want those hoops! How cute!


  2. love those earrings!!! i want a pair :)
    we gave bridal party gifts too just to show our appreciation for our loves ones being in our wedding :)
    love this post idea...may steal it ;)

  3. Great idea to give mac lashes! something a girl can always use :)

  4. Those earrings are GORGEOUS! Great gifts. :)

  5. I feel like I have been away forever! You are most definitely one of my favorites and I feel like I have missed so much!!

    first, can you get married again and can I be a bridesmaid? I would love me a Tiffany necklace :) just kidding.

    the back of your hair in that pic is TO DIE FOR. Did you have to use a million bobbypins to make it stay??

    ok, going to catch up on the rest of your posts :)


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