Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a visit from bryan's mom

Bryan's mom made her 1st trip out to visit us a couple weeks ago.
While here, we did so many fun things -- just showing her around our area and giving her a taste of what our life is like.
Golf course on the lake about 5 minutes from where we live

I made a friend at the Rudder

On the lake

Cotton at the local farmer's store

Sharyn at the local farmer's country store

What to do on Cinco de Mayo? Break out the Margaritaville margarita machine and make Bryan's favorite meal!

We ate at our most favorite restaurant in Black Mountain

And then headed to Chimney Rock for a hike

After our hike we grabbed some ice cream and sat by the river... oh, and we made another duck friend!

I had to go to NYC for work, so Bryan and his mom got a few days of real quality time together.
He planned an amazing Mother's Day weekend, which began with a trip to the Botanical Gardens.

For Mother's Day brunch, Bryan took his mom to the VanLandingham Estate

And lastly, they took Cali on a walk out at Latta Plantation

Come back soon...


  1. sounds like you had a great time out with Bryan's mom! And looks like the weather was wonderful for your beautiful weekend :) The gardens look gorgeous, I would go nuts taking pictures of flowers!

  2. I miss the Rudder! Where is this Chimney Rock? Looks so pretty and I want to go there next time we come there!

  3. Best time ever - thank you for such great southern hospitality!

  4. where you live looks beautiful!

    seems like you guys got to fit in a lot of fun also before you had to leave.


  5. that farmer's market looks like SO much fun!!! we have one in nashville and i love to head over there for fresh fruits, veggies, and all sorts of other fun goodies!

  6. Looks like y'all had such a great, relaxing time!! and I love all that you have to do and see, so close to home!

  7. It looks like a great weekend. I'm sure Bryan's mom had a blast. :)

  8. Your Cinco de Mayo meal looks delish! How did you prepare those artichokes??

  9. That looks like so so much fun!!

  10. So glad you had a great time! The country store is one of my favorites to go to with my mom. I cannot remember the name of it to save my life though!

  11. Wow looks like she had a fabulous trip! You all did so much. Wahoo, now you need a nap :)

  12. Sounds like a wonderful time. Love your pictures. That waterfall almost looks fake. Just stunning. You all look so happy together! :)

  13. Chimney rock looks gorgeous!! May I use this post in my monthly Uniquely Your City feature post? This is exactly the kind of city lovin' I love!


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