Saturday, May 28, 2011

based on your reaction, probably not

So Bryan went to St. Louis yesterday morning and got back this afternoon.

He texted me 20 minuted before he got home to let me know he was almost here.

I had a fresh fruit smoothie waiting for him and we sat on our back patio with Cali to drink them.

As I raised my glass to my mouth Bryan said, "What did you do to your nails?"

Me: I got 'em done yesterday. My toes too! **lifting my foot up to show him**

Bryan: But what color is that?

Me: Black.

Bryan: Why though? Is it like clothes? Do black nails make your fingers look thinner?

Me: Are you kidding me right now??? **laughing hysterically** It's growin' on me. I kinda like it! It's been in trend for a couple years.

Bryan: It has? But your toes are always a bright color **implying he likes them that way**

Me: I know. My mom said that when I see her, her and I will go get pedicures together.

Bryan and Me: **laughing because we know that that means my mom thinks it's super hideous and wants me to change the color a sap!**

Me: You know celebrities have been doing it for a while now. Even Jennifer Anniston. Oh, and you know who does it too? Lauren Conrad... and that girl doesn't have an edgy bone in her body!

Bryan: But would you do it again?
Me: Um, based on your reaction... probably not.


  1. Gotta agree with the hubby, stick with bright colors! not that it wasn't okay to try it, but I def associate black with emo kids and such lol. You are def not one of those pretty lady! :)

  2. How funny! I love the "Does it make you look thinner?" part!

  3. Hahaha. That is too funny. My husband would probably react the same way. But I like the black nails. They are fun:)

  4. Haha.. I have done really really really dark purple. Next do yellow. Haha!

  5. Bright colors are the best! I actually got Eggplant once...I hated it! I'm always satisfied when I get bright colors =)

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE black nails. I think it's super fashionable and trendy personally. But, M hated them with a passion too.

  7. How funny! Your husband is cracking me up! I love black nail polish and wore it so long that bright colors feel weird now! lol!

  8. I love the black! I think the girlier girls such as OURSELVES and LC (pictured!) Can totally pull it off and I love it

  9. looooooooooooooooooove! trust me, in his eyes (AND MINE) you are that much more of a badass and COOL GIRL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! you ROCK!!!!!!!

    luv ya :)

  10. Lol, it took me a while to get use to black nails to, I don't think I tried it for the third time did I really love it, and eventually my fiance started like the more edgy-ier look too!!

  11. when I had my nails husband didnt like it either haha!!

  12. hahahah I loved this post!

    I think I maybe told you this when you were considering black, but here's what went down between me and the boo.

    I had been wearing black nail polish for awhile.... I went to visit him and he looks at my nails and says "oh so you're still doing that?" hahaha


  13. This is hilarious! :) I love dark polish, but I tend to only wear it in the cooler months. For summer I love bright pinks and corals!

  14. haha so funny! i'm with you girl, love the black polish!


  15. I don't even bother painting my nails. They'd get chipped in a second.

  16. My husband reacted similar when I tried a grayish purple (usually I stick to light pink)!

  17. one more thing, I have never come across a guy who "likes" black nails. My husband doesn't get it at all, he's like, "why are you wearing black on your nails" but I like it. so does my grandma. she always has it on her toes and hands :)

  18. hahahhah... that post was funny!! I imagined my dad saying the same thing, scared by the black nails... I do like wearing black nails once in a while though, I think it looks sophisticated lol!
    I found your blog wondering around. I'm following, your blog is pretty cool! I think it's amazing you can travel the world working! Do you have any tips for when going to europe? (France, England, Rome, Italy??) :D
    I just started my blog and would love it if you could check it out

    ☆ Bereniice ☆

  19. HAHAHAHA that was a hilarious conversation! Thanks for sharing :)

  20. This just made me LOL! Hillarious. I love the last line, hahaha

  21. Billy sounds JUST like Bryan! he had the same exact reaction last year when I came home with black nails. I did find that I like a deep deep purple better and I think he did too :) try that one!! or even navy is super cute !


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