Friday, May 27, 2011

our 1st year anniversary celebration

I have never celebrated an anniversary.

I don't believe in it.

I mean, you have a boyfriend and you could be broken up before you know.

Bryan and I never acknowledged an anniversary while dating.

We never acknowledged one while engaged either.

The only anniversary that I ever wanted to celebrate was the one I shared with my future husband.

It's the only one that matters to me.

And now that I'm married, I was able to celebrate my anniversary with my husband!


Bryan and I spent our 1st wedding anniversary 2,288 miles apart with Bryan home and me in Seattle.

I woke up the morning of May 22nd to get ready for my long work day ahead, all while reminiscing over what I was doing at that exact time 1 year ago to the day -- I was at the Little Sand Dollar in St. Thomas going through hair and make up with my mom, Bryan's mom, my aunt, maid of honor and all of my bridesmaids.

Much to my suprise, their was a knock on my hotel room door.

With this delivered to me... I came home from Seattle pooped. I had had really crazy flights that delayed my arrival home an entire day. Walking in my front door, I was greeted by these puppies screaming "Happy Anniversary" at me! To celebrate, Bry and I went to Bonterra Dining & Wine Room in Dilworth. We each ordered Prosecco, which brought us back to our honeymoon in Italy, and paired it with a salmon/goat cheese spread and a roasted tomato/basil spread. For our meals, Bry had the grouper and I had the scallops. Delish!Happy to celebrate with our baby girly... who may or may not still be wearing a Christmas collar....On our way home we stopped off and got some of our favorite frozen yogurt and ate it on our back patio.
Oh, and clearly I can't forget to mention the best present ever.
Yes people.
We are going to the CMA's!
November 9th, I will be cheering on all of my favorites at the best award show of the year!
And Bryan told me that just hours after he bought these tickets they were all sold out. Love him. What's a girl wear....???
I love my honey!


  1. awww he is SO sweet! I love that he had food sent to your room =) that is so thoughtful!
    AAAAHHHHH so jealous! have a great time at the CMA's -- you HAVE to wear something fabulous! what a great gift!

  2. oh BTW -- happy FIRST anniversary pretty lady!

  3. Glad you guys were finally able to celebrate together!!! Soo jealous of your CMA award tickets!!!

  4. what an amazing gift :) what a nice anniversary as well!

    love your dress!!!
    also, i am so with you on the anniversary thing...we never did anything while dating either. and this year we get to celebrate our first!! not sure what the plan is, hopefully tony has something up his sleeve lol

  6. you do realize you'll be in my town right??? HAHAHA!! i'll have to fill you in on all the fun places, bars, restaurants for sure...and dress to impress!! you may just see some famous peeps out at the same bar as you ;)

  7. KATE!!!!! Do tell!!!! Where is your dress from? SOOO GOOD ON YOU!!!! love it!

  8. I am SO with you on the anniversary thing. I laugh at people who celebrate anniversarys when they are just dating (sorry anyone that offends) and ESPECIALLY laugh when people celebrate like "our one month anniversary, two month, three month" please. it's an anniversary if you are commited and married. Now that that is off my chest...

    oh ok, so those flowers were for your anniversary, I get it now :) Your meal? To die for. Goat cheese is one of my favorite things. Sometimes I eat it for breakfast.

    You two are adorable. I'm sure if we lived closer we would be double dating it all the time.

    and the CMA'S? That is pretty freakin' awesome. You have one great hubby! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

  9. Love the dress!

    Sooo cute that he surprised you with breakfast while you were away... love it!

  10. You're going to the CMA's!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I seriously love you two, I really look up to you all as a relationship that I would like my husband and I to obtain after we are married! Happy Anniversary!!

  11. Happy Anniversary! We never celebrated any anniversaries until we were married. The CMAs are going to be a blast...I know a certain blogger (Pink Lou Lou) who might have you stalk Carrie Underwood for her! lol :) -e

  12. Wow - that's my romantic son! Seeing you eat the yogurt made me teary eyed - thinking about my visit. Miss you 3 soooo much!

  13. I'm so unbelievably jealous that you guys are going to the CMAs! That's going to be awesome!!

  14. Aw that sucks you guys didn't get to spend the day together but it sure sounds like you made up for it! The CMAs.....that is awesome!

  15. Y'all are seriously TOO cute!

    Sounds like y'all had a very happy anniversary :)

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress! May I ask where its from?

  17. oh my goshhhhh the CMAS! That is crazy awesome!

  18. Awww how sweet! Bryan is a good man!!! <3 happy anniversary doll!


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