Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Worlds Best Outlaws

My mom has been hilariously referring to herself as an outlaw, as opposed to an in-law, for several years now.
We chuckle everytime she says it and now she has Bryan's mom referring to herself as an outlaw too!
These 2 crazy ladies make mine and Bryan's days brighter just by knowing how well they get along and how they can crack jokes at their own expense.
Now mind you, they have completely different personalities, and sometimes Bry and I are suprised at how well they click.
But trust me, we don't question it!
We're just happy that they both have twisted, quirky senses of humor and are about as real as they come.
April 2008
Cheers to our mom's and our outlaws -- we can't wait to see you when we're in town for Christmas!

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