Monday, November 29, 2010

12 Things I Cannot Live Without

Tis the season for giving and receiving, so in honor of Christmas I have put together a 'lil list of things I've either received from someone or gotten for myself!
I have seen others re-create this very blog in their own way and have learned of some good, unique products from them, so I figured I'd share:
12 Thing I Cannot Live Without
My quilted Chanel sunglasses
I have worn this very pair for almost 2 years now... Okay, so it's my 2nd pair of them because I left my 1st pair in a hotel in Portland, ME.
Who's counting though?
These sunglasses are worth every penny.
I have the super dark lenses in them so that I can people watch discretely!
Melitta Perfect Brew Filter Cone
This little plastic cone is one of the BEST inventions for coffee lovers who don't always want to make a whole pot of coffee.
Or, maybe you're like me and are the only coffee drinker in your household, therefore making a whole pot is a waste.
How it works is:
Heat up water in a kettle or in the microwave
Place the filter cone on top of the mug
Put a filter in the cone on top and scoop your desired ground coffee into the filter
Pour hot water onto your ground coffee and listen to it filter threw the cone into your mug
And just like that you have yourself a cup of fresh coffee made especially for you!
*sold at Bed Bath and Beyond for $2.99
Fresh Flowers
It's a must for me to have fresh flowers in my home.
I know some view it as a waste of money, but not me.
No way.
$10? So worth it!
Flowers are life and beauty.
They add so much to a room and always make me smile.
The more yellow the better!
Salmon Run Pinot Noir
If you've ever been to Upstate New York's Finger Lakes then you've probably stopped by the Salmon Run Winery.
While I've never been to the Finger Lakes, I have frequented Upstate New York several times and enjoyed this scrumptious bottle of wine everytime I'm there.
Best believe I've checked to see if it's sold in NC.
It's not :(
MAC Brave Lipstick
This unpopular and overlooked shade of lipstick is the best I've ever worn.
It is Matte, so it goes on very smooth and is appropriate for a business setting or an evening out at the theater.
I wore it to my college graduation 7 years ago because it made me feel "adult," HA!
Add some gloss and BAM, your subdued shade will pop off of your mouth and make your lips shine like never before.
You're ready for a night out with the girls or your honey!
The best part about this lipstick shade is that because it is in the "blue family" -- your teeth will look SO white!
Hershey Kisses
They are my guilty pleasure.
They are so milky and chocolatey and yummy... I just love them for dessert and always have them in a little candy dish at home.
Try Dark Chocolate too!
Garnier Fructis ULTRA STRONG Hair Spray
This hair spray is so cheap and is conveniently found everywhere.
I kid you not, it is the BEST hairspray I've ever used (and I've bought all of the expensive brands you can imagine).
(8)Fruit of the Loom Sports Bra's at WalMart
Your girls will thank you... so will your bra's -- even they need a break every now-and-then!
I wear these as sports bra's, under work shirts, when it's hot out (and I don't want to sweat threw a good bra) AND under tank tops and sundresses.
I wore them the whole time I was in Europe this summer!
When under a tank top, if the sports bra peaks out a bit at the chest line, they add a really cute layered look.. looking like a tank top underneath.
Sometimes I wear a strapless bra underneath them because they help keep my strapless bra in place.
They also come in racerback.
I own about a dozen in various colors and styles and probably wear them 4 out of 7 days.

Dish Drying Mat
This inexpensive drying mat is a lifesaver.
I hand wash my vases, wine glasses, non-disherwasher safe cookware and utensils, etc. and then place them on this mat for safe drying.
It absorbs everything from water to wine and is machine washable.
The cushion adds nice protection for any glassware.
And it folds up so nicely to store when not used.
*sold at Bed Bath and Beyond for $4.99 and $7.99, depending on size
Revlon Hair Waver
This has been one of the best purchases I made in 2010.
When I'm having a crappy hair day... when my hair won't straighten... when I go to bed with my hair wet and wake up with funky looking waves...... when I want the fresh out of the ocean look.. I take the waver to it and POOF, my hair looks sassy and intended.
Also, if you have curly/wavey hair, but it's straight at the roots -- take the waver to it!
TIGI Catwalk Root BoostThis product literally changed my life almost 10 years ago.
I have oily skin, therefore I need to wash my hair daily.
Well, not since I discovered this product.
I spray Root Boost in my roots at the top of my head, sides and around my face. I massage it into my scalp with my fingers then brush it threw.
With a quick blowdry my hair has volume, style and best of all... I can wash it every-other-day.
It really has changed my life.

Rainbow SandalsBeing that I grew up in Orange County, CA and Rainbow's are manufactured in San Clemente, a city in Orange County... I have worn Rainbow's for as long as I can remember.
Everyone on the west coast wears them.
They are a wardrobe staple and might be the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn.
I have them in black and tan and love them both equally.
Why are they so amazing?
Because the arch support is unlike any other.
I have high arches and my feet hurt badly after a day out and about without my Rainbow's. If I know I'm going to walk long distances, like at Disneyland, the mall or when in Europe -- Rainbow's are a must!


  1. I love the drying mat too!!! We use ours daily!

  2. Girlfriend, I own evvvery color of the Fruit of the Loom Wally World bras :) (Walmart - in the south haha)

    Do you have the cute pink ones :) I wont wear those to workout in haha just the grey and navy ones! AND I also wear them to work! I try to only use my VS ones for good/rare occassions.

  3. Just stopping by for the first time from a friends blog--a new follower! :) I love LOVE my hair waver--it is a NECESSITY haha I also LOVE fresh flowers :) Can't wait to catch up and read your new adventures!

  4. I read this awhile ago and since have gotten the dry mats, thank you!! they are the bomb. And I also got the sports bras, love em too. Still need to get the brave MAC :) Thank you a bunch for he suggestions.

  5. Love your blog! These are all must haves!

  6. Great list! I particularly like the sunnies. Chic! :)


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