Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Fun!

2 years ago Bryan and I were working at a Turkey Trot in downtown Dallas for Thanksgiving.
The morning of Thanksgiving, we were scheduled to sample Pepsi MAX outside a busy WalMart starting at 3:00am.
We were up for the Black Friday shopping and experienced it all for the first time, at WalMart none-the-less.
It was crazy madness and we loved every second of it!
Last year, Bryan and I woke up in the middle of the night and stood in line outside Kohls, waiting for the doors to open... the crowd to rush in...... and us, sprinting to the Dyson vacuum.
Yes! We got it (and LOVE it!)
Flash forward to this year, Bryan is in California and I'm in North Carolina.
Bryan woke up this morning and fought the crowds with his mom.
I, on the other hand, did my shopping last night online.
I love that we both enjoy the rush of the crowds and the extreme discounts, but let me tell you -- sitting in the comfort of my own home, browsing the ads and purchasing away while adding to my 'cart' on the computer was SO nice!
I got the same discounts that I would have had I woken up and gone to the stores.
I received an additional 20% off of everything with an online coupon.
Plus I got free shipping.
And I was able to do it Thursday night.
Although I love waking up on Black Friday, I also love getting packages in the mail... even if they're not really for me.
Bryan's still out and about shopping, so I'm excited to hear about his finds - he was going for a top coat and his mom was going for the Dyson vacuum.
I hope everyone had fun today!
I'm curious what I missed out on...
Dallas Turkey Trot 2008

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  1. kate,
    that's so funny that we're living the exact opposite adventure :) your blog is ADORABLE and i'm excited to follow along on you and your husband's adventure! north carolina is such an amazing place to start a life and a family so i can't wait to hear about all of your adventures to come! i'm only two months deep into hollywood, so any advice about california is welcome...and much needed haha. and if you guys ever make your way to raleigh, or wilmington (that beach is a second home to me) i'll let you know all the great spots :) good luck with everything and i can't wait to follow along!


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