Monday, November 8, 2010

DeLand, FL: Valusia County Fair

The locals refer to it as DeadLand, therefore we opted to say 30 minutes away from DeLand in Daytona Beach this week.
You can't go to Daytona Beach without seeing the speedway, of which we drove by daily on our way to work. Daytona Speedway
The view from our hotel balcony was seriously awesome and our resort was straight out of the 60's.......... I mean 70's.... I mean 80's......... I mean Spring Break '93.
A1A Beach Front Avenue!
It rained while we were there, so the sky was grey and the beaches were bare.
You can drive on the sand in Daytona.
If you look closely you can see the barriers that tell you what lane to drive in.
It rained on 1 of our days off so we went to see 'Social Network' and then had drinks at Ocean Walk.
The weather cleared up and we went miniature golfing at the infamous course just blocks from our hotel.
Bryan has been talking about wrestling gators since we came to Florida 3 weeks ago. He says he can take one. Um, o-kay!. Anyhow, he was a kid in a candy store when he realized that the miniature golf course had baby gators!
I dared him to wear this hat.
He accepted the dare.
They like to swim...
The sign says 'Gator Crossing'... I was scared.
Bryan attempting to kick my booty
I put up a good fight!
So, you see those water bottles?
Well, there's actually champagne in them, of which we LOVE, and we got ourselves pretty tipsy.
Let me tell you, I will never go miniature gofling without my "bottle of water" again!
Best idea ever!
I loved my pink golf ball and Bryan's congo hat!
Proof that I'm a competitor
Oh the photos I make my poor husband pose for... This here was some serious business.
If you know me, you know that I love 2 things madly... darts and air hockey.
I live for both.
We tied at Air Hockey. WTF? I think I won...
Carousel in Daytona Beach
Carousel in Daytona Beach take 2
We had a random date night and each ate 3 large crab legs...
Of course, we HAD TO return to the gators on the way home so that Bryan could feed them chicken hot dogs (what the miniature golf course provides for $2.50 as "gator food")
It was actually pretty cool!
Have I mentioned that my husband is very mature?
Anyhow, this time he found himself a horseshoe crab and brought it up to our hotel room.... scared the bageezes out of me... and then put it in front of our co-workers door to his room.
This time he got a better reaction as the thing was freaking funky!
The day that we were counting down to has arrived... our baby girl, Cali, has made her way to us in Florida.
She has spent the past couple months with both of her loving grandparents in California and then held down the fort at home in North Carolina with a friend of mine who has been staying in our apartment while we're out of town with her little Yorkie for the past months.
Well Shannon is from Orlando and came to Florida for the holidays.... since we were here, she brought our Cali to us.
It couldn't have worked out more perfectly and we will not let her interfere with our work these next 2 weeks. We have everything worked out and are just soooooo excited to have our family complete again.
After a long day of work, this is the first photo we took when we were all reunited!
Cali loved Daytona Beach.
She's ready for Spring Break 2011!

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