Sunday, November 21, 2010

Orlando, FL: Sea World

The arrival in Orlando was bittersweet.
This is our last week launching the 2011 Ford Explorer on the All Area Access Tour.
Our tour is wrapping up, and as much as we're ready to get back to our life, we'll also miss this life and the guys that we work with everyday.
Although most of my stories from the road are about Bryan and I, we have been traveling and working with 2 other guys this whole time.
Yes, that means that I'm the only girl!
Even though I love these guys and they've become our great friends, I am in dyer need of some girl time.
I was lucky that my friend, who's from Orlando, was in town for the holidays with her little Yorkie, Piper.
Cali and Piper have become the best of friends, so Shannon and I got them together for a little play date while we headed off to Starbucks... for what turned into about 3 hours of girl talk on their front patio.
It was my 1st Gingerbread latte of the season -- so yummy! Ford has a partnership with Sea World, therefore we concluded our 3 month run at their facility.
Between the Penguin Encounter and the 3 roller coasters we had our Ford Explorer display set up.
Each morning was fairly quiet, so we all took turns seeing the shows.
First up, Bryan and I went to the Dolphin Show.
These animals are beautiful!
So magestic
The following day we went to see the Shamu Show
February 2010 there was a horrific accident on this very platform and a trainer lost her life while performing the show.
I give the trainer who now stands on this platform a lot of credit, for I would be terrified!
Although I've been really sick with what I think is a Sinus Infection and Bronchitis and this has been a really hard week with the passing of Abby-girl, I put on my make-up, volumized my hair and rallied the troops together for 1 last "family dinner."
You have to live in the moment, right?
The 4 of us headed to Universal City Walk for our final night out together.
There was a pretty awesome band playing
It's the California girl in me, ah hahaha!
Me and my love
We had a fantastic meal at Emeril's
So sad.......
These guys have really become our family and I'm going to miss seeing them everyday.
Bryan's going to miss planning this countries politics if he and Colin were in command -- all stupid people would die in the most hilarious of ways.
I'm going to miss Colin's comical and constant road rage and talking with him about our lives.
Bryan's going to miss betting $10 on every NFL game each week with Dave, tracking his wins and loses throughout the day and always somehow ending up even.
I'm going to miss watching Dave ride off on his GoPed, secretly praying he eats it so that I can point and laugh.
On the flip side, we're really looking forward to being off of work until 2011!

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