Thursday, December 1, 2011

unexpected delivery - kitchen table

I had been eyeing a beautiful kitchen table for months online and finally decided to pull the plug on it back in late October. Only catch, it wouldn't be ready for delivery until the end of December. Not ideal, but not awful -- I'm not one to sweat the small stuff. Plus, kitchen tables are way overrated... ;)

Gorgeous, right?

Fast forward to last Tuesday.

Much to my surprise, I woke up to an unfamiliar area code calling me. I listened to the voicemail and was elated when I found out that our kitchen table was in Charlotte and ready for delivery that very day.

What are the chances that this table would come in 1 month early and during 1 of the 4 days that we happened to be in town?

This was a total God thing...

I quickly called the guy back, set up a delivery time and within hours it was sitting in our kitchen. It is the most perfect piece of furniture. We kept coming up with all of the memories we will make around this table. Special, special memories.

Our kitchen is now complete!


  1. That timing is awesome. So glad yall were able to be here for a little bit of time! What a relief!

  2. That is awesome. Love the table!

  3. Okay Kate, I love that table. It looks perfect in your home. What luck that came in that perfect window of time!

  4. I love that table!! Beautiful! What great timing!

  5. I love it! the color is different and I like it. very good timing I'd say :)

  6. Definitely God's timing! It is soo gorgeous!!

  7. I love the chairs!
    And that's the best delivery story I've ever heard... usually it's always awful late stories, not happy early ones! :-)

  8. That definitely is a God thing! How awesome! :) It's gorgeous!


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