Wednesday, December 21, 2011

our past month at a glance: weeks 12-16

Over the past 4 weeks we have driven from Point A to Point L for a total of just over 2,700 miles.

Point A: Hattiesburg, MS
Point B: Oxford, MS
Point C: Tupelo, MS
Point D: Greenville, SC
Point E: Charlotte, NC
Point F: Atlanta, GA
Point G: Warner Robins, GA
Point H: Clearwater Beach, FL
Point I: Tampa, FL
Point J: Nashville, TN
Point K: Auburn, AL
Point L: Atlanta, GA

Every mile is a memory!


  1. Wow! Cant believe you have been traveling so much ... will you get to spend some time at home over the holidays?? :)

  2. Did you get to see my love Beth in Greenville???

  3. Well you were near me alot:) next time your in MS maybe we can meet up and have lunch:) Hope Cali made it home safe!!!!

  4. How fun! This blog will sure be a great resource for you to look back on in a year, five years, ten years from now! Just found your blog and LOVE it. Now following ;)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
    follow me

  5. That's crazy! Hope you enjoy some time at home

  6. awww..looks like an awesome time...i so need to head to TN!


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