Wednesday, December 14, 2011

you know you're a tour manager when...

I found this on a forum geared toward my industry. I almost peed my pants when I read it because it had me laughing out loud and is oh. so. true!

You know you’re a tour manager when:

1. You value a great Account Manager, who's previously been a roadie

2. You don’t have house keys, you have a room key or a storage unit key

3. You’ve had to send home Local Staff when they show up drunk/high/etc

4. You have perfected the barter system and could go months without buying food or anything you need

5. You have a checklist to determine where you stay-proximity to bars and/or food, how good the breakfast is, if they have a “managers reception”, and if they have parking for your truck and trailer

6. You fully understand the importance of pocketing per diem and being a 1099

7. Your whole world revolves around hotel points and airline miles

8. You have a trucker GPS

9. You’ve been to “The Thing” and paid the $1 to see “The Thing”

10. You know that when you leave your cell phone charger at one hotel, the next one you go to will have a replacement for it for free

11. You live at Walmart - if they don’t have it, you don’t need it

12. You have crossed off more states on your tours than most people do in their lives

13. You know what numbered roads go East/West & North/South and which go in circles

14. You know how to read a map when you’re in the middle of nowhere and have no cell service

15. You’ve been on Roadside America’s website to find something cool where you are

16. When someone asks where you live, you answer “right here today”

17. You can pack for 4 months in 1 suitcase and a backpack

18. You are thankful for good staff and have heard every excuse in the book

19. You understand the meaning of “No Excuses”

20. Sometimes you wonder how some other “Tour Managers” are still working

21. You’ve worked 18 hours straight to turn around and have to do it all over again the next day, and the next day and the next

22. You hope your day off isn’t a drive day

23. You own 10 pairs of khakis-shorts, capris, pants.......

24. Log books are the bane of your existence

25. You can drive ANYTHING

26. All of the places you ever wanted to go to in the US, you've been to... and you got paid for it

27. You can relate to the song "ho's in different area codes"

28. You have more area codes in your phone that are not from your home state than that are

29. You can drive from LA to Chicago without a map or GPS

30. People remember you working the same event the year before, but for a different product

31. You have free tickets to a concert or sporting event but don't go because it's a day off and you want to "avoid crowds"

32. You've driven "straight through" just to party in Vegas

33. You've been to most of the MLB stadiums

34. When you complain to the front desk of a hotel they offer to take money off your bill, but you INSIST they give you points instead because the company is paying for the hotel

35. You've been pulled over just so the officer can see what's in your vehicle

36. You've had to walk through the drive thru and BEG to get food because your vehicle's too big and the lobby is closed

37. You have equal number of tours and coolers

38. Tan lines are no longer bikini lines. They are khaki shorts and polo shirt tan lines

39. Nothing makes you happier in the morning than when your hotel serves hard boiled eggs

40. People don't understand why you always go on vacation after a tour ends, because they consider your job a vacation


  1. can you take me to "the thing"...i have a $1 to spare.

  2. I def needed this laugh this morning ugh this MS weather has me under the weather. I couldnt imagine living life on the road but I am sure you couldnt imagine living life in one place.

  3. so I'm most intrigued about what in the world "the thing" is. Do tell.

  4. i agree with lindsey and beth. what the heck is the thing?

    been checking you out on twitter and i think i can guess what city you are/were in. it's like playing where in the world is carmen sandiego. ha! and if my calculations are right you are approx 3-3.5 hours south of me :-)

  5. So true! I'm still terrible with directions, and I've never had a trucker GPS (still trying to figure out why not-just glad we don't have to drive through NJ on this tour!). But seriously-the phone numbers, avoiding crowds on days off, driving through for Vegas, pulled over for free stuff...check!


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