Thursday, December 8, 2011

tampa, fl: a familiar face

While in Tampa last fall we stayed at my friends house and just worked (next to baby tigers, I must add). This time was a little different. This time we made sure to enjoy this fun city!

Friday night we went out downtown to Ybor with my good friend, Shannon and her boyfriend.

We started our night off with dinner at the Tampa Bay Brewery. I flipped with excitement when I realized that 3 of my favorite foods were on their menu - fried pickle spears, fried green tomatoes and pierogies - heaven in food form! And clearly we ordered and devoured all 3...

After dinner we walked down the very happenin' 7th St -- this street is lined with palm trees, bright lights and bar after bar! We spent the remainder of our night drinking, chatting, people watching and laughing at Coyote Ugly and Green Iguana.

Shan worked with us at the West Virginia @ University of South Florida football game -- love seeing my friends when on the road!

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Bucs

We were given free club level 40 yard line tickets to the game by the Bucs marketing manager and were totally stoked that our 1st Panthers game was in sunny Florida!

Warm weather and hot sun in December? Yes please and thank you!


  1. OMG. You were at that game?!?!? Cam Newton, who is now edging up on Steve Smith as my most very favorite player, broke like a cajillion records at that game!!! Man, that was a good one to see in person!!!

  2. how's that cold weather feel? sorry...that was a mean, mean trick.

    fried pickles? yes, please!

  3. Do you every look bad??? I'll answer that NOPE!!! you make sweat pants look adorable!!! I want your closet:) Love Love reading your blog I feel like I know you in a non creeper way hahaha

  4. I would love some warm weather are both adorable!!

  5. You are making me wish our vacation back home was n.o.w., lol. But until then, I shall live through your photos :b


  6. you guys are absolutely ADORABLE. STUNNING. AWESOME couple. PLEASE PLEASE come here and do some "work?" ;)

  7. MMm fried pickle spears!! What a great place to see your first panthers game.

  8. Love Tampa! I live in Orlando, not too far! It's so nice here in Florida.. hopefully we'll get a cold front for Christmas though! :)


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