Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thankful to have been home

About a month ago we found out that we were swapping regions with another team and heading to the southeast for the remainder of our program. This news was welcomed with a bit of shock, as we had grown to love our south region. But when we found out that we'd randomly get the week of Thanksgiving off, excitement began to pump through our veins, as we were close enough to Charlotte to drive home for the holiday!

Y'all, we hadn't been home since August.


And yes, I just said y'all. You try spending 3 months in the trenches of the south/deep south! It wears on you...

Anyway, we were blessed with 4 glorious nights in our brand spankin' new home. Although there was still mounds of work to be done around the house, our little escape from work was truly refreshing. And these 4 nights felt like an eternity of time at home!

So what is the first thing you do after being gone for so long?

Clean! Oh man, do you clean. Not exactly what I wanted to do first, but the dust bunnies, cob webs, fallen plaster particles and and layers of yuckiness on everything needed tended to immediately. It was nasty! Definitely getting a cleaning person in there before Christmas...

My new babies came in the mail!

Bryan put up our Christmas lights (that we bought in Mississippi) the very day we arrived home. We were too excited! His good buddy came over to lend an extra hand. Love having accountable friends who are just as eager to see us as we are them!

I stepped away to grab a chai at my newest coffee joint - I'm bound and determined to become a local!

That night I made dinner for the 1st time in 13 weeks. For this special occasion I even broke out my olive oil that we purchased while in Italy!

Dishes. I know how crazy this sounds, but I was so happy to get to do dishes in my new kitchen! Dishes = I'm home

Wine. And not only wine, but my own wine glass. It's been forever since I've drank out of a glass that strangers didn't drink out of before me!

Horrible picture, but so thrilled to be on my couch, with a throw blanket. I crave a couch and a throw while I'm out of town!

Ahhhh, my ring was finally back in it's home. You have no clue how nerve wracking it is to take my ring on and off in hotels as much as I do. I have a designated spot to put it when I shower in hotels, but nothing is the same as the seashell that Bryan found while walking his dog in Huntington Beach back when we first got engaged. This shell is my rings home!

The next morning I was elated to make a healthy smoothie out of fresh fruit

Then Bryan and I headed out to cross some things off of our list. One of which was to purchase the last piece of furniture for our bedroom. Now our set is complete! While Bryan signed paperwork, I relaxed in the most ugly, yet overwhelmingly comfortable chaise... classy.

Bry decided he wanted to "check out" tv's. Next thing you know we're sitting down signing a credit card slip. Oy vey

The reason we live where we live... and not in southern CA anymore....

While I took an afternoon nap on my couch (something I dream about doing while on the road) Bryan surprised me and put together the rocking chairs that I bought back in August. I practically cried when I woke up. Joy.

My throw went everywhere with me, even onto my rocking chair front porch - EEEEEK - dreams do come true!

Bryan has worn many hats in his life, but my most favorite random hat is that he used to hang Christmas lights professionally. He did this for years -- even after I met him. He hung them in LA, therefore he's a complete perfectionist and a true professional, haha!

Ah, a little morning tea in my Orange County mug. Happy girl.

And our new tv. I mean, everyone needs 2 50" flat screens, right? Oy...

That afternoon we had overlapping hair appointments. Cute? Not really. My hair hadn't been touched by a pro since July - I was in major need of a cut and some dimension put back in. I'm hating this brown hair and am excited to start slowly working myself light again!

Love this view out my bathroom window. Now I just need some window treatments so the neighbors don't think we're nudists. Speaking of, any suggestions on what to do with this window? We love the view and don't want to block it out entirely, but also need privacy, ya know.

And, of course, Thanksgiving! Our great friends Briana and Ryan invited us over for a lot of inappropriate conversation and a feast of mass proportions - blessed to have friends like them!


  1. Oh miss KAITLYN! :-) When I read this post, my lil heart warmed up knowing you and that cute hubby got to be in your home. It has to get hard being away for that long. So happy for you all!

    1.You look oh so comfy all snuggled up in your couch. I literally crave the couch too and a warm fuzzy blanket and a hot beverage….awwww perrrrfect.

    2.That window scenery in the bathroom is breathtaking. I love it! For window treatment…could you do one panel and have it tied back with a pretty lil decorative tie and then you could pull it shut when you are enjoying a good hot bubble bath.

    3.The Boots are FAB!!! This is a random question…but does someone handle your alls mail while you are away? Or if you get any packages…are they just waiting at the door when you get home? And if you buy stuff on the road…do you send it home? Or just pack it in the vehicle throughout the tour? Random questions, I know.

    4.You look so GORGEOUS in that thanksgiving outfit. I really like your hair with all that body….you are screaming southern girl. I dig!!

  2. I can't imagine just how excited you are! Congrats!

  3. I love that you've put the Southern expression "y'all" in your vocab! A lot more Southern traditions (and language) may wear on ya the longer you're living here :)

  4. This post so made me tear up cause it is def the lil things we all in the world take for granted. I couldnt imagine not being home for so many months and not being able to have my throw blanket or to be able to go seat on my porch. By the way love the rocking chairs I def must find me some of those:) So glad you had a great Thanksgiving at home.

  5. Oh Kate! This post made me so happy that YOU were so happy!!! Isn't funny how we all come to care about our bloggy friend's well-beings like that? So excited to get to hear about your new territory too :)

    Cheers to you and Bry!

  6. oh my word i am so beyond happy for you that you were home for the holiday!!!!!! :) :) :)
    seriously, when i read that you got to be in your new home that made me grin ear to ear.
    being in your own bed, cuddling on your own couch and fixing everything up in your NEW home I am sure felt AMAZING!!! love the Christmas lights. Bryan did a great job ;)
    And those boots,....ok seriously?!?!? Did you get a deal on them or pay full price? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! I am a bit jealous (in a good way) of your new place). Tony and I still throw around the idea of moving out of CA to buy a home. It is just too damn expensive here. Love your front porch with the rocking chairs. It is gorgeous! I want something like that. CO is a maybe on the list :)
    Girl I am so happy for you!!!! You are almost done with your touring...and then you get to be home!!! :)
    Oh and yay for finding a local coffee shop! I would totally be the same and want to become a local where they know your name and your drink and chat with you :)
    Sorry for rambling...just happy for you! You deserve it!! :)

  7. oh kaitlyn. ;) i love that you loved your time at home. it sounds like such a relaxing time. rocking chairs and porches are THE best. my grandma has a huge front porch, but i don't take advantage of it near enough as I should.

    and...per the and bryan look so adorable on thanksgiving. BARF!

  8. YAY! So glad you got to spend time in your gorgeous home! :)

  9. Awww I'm so glad you were able to go home! It's gorgeous! I live in NC as well. I definitely recognize that Charlotte/Statesville sign!

  10. So I get to borrow those boots when I babysit Cali right?? :) I love that you have been able to spend time enjoying your house and the area a bit. Such a happy sign when you want nothing but to be back...that or when you start seeing patches of the lake!

  11. So I get to borrow those boots when I babysit Cali right?? :) I love that you have been able to spend time enjoying your house and the area a bit. Such a happy sign when you want nothing but to be back...that or when you start seeing patches of the lake!

  12. Ahhhh how awesome that you guys got to spend Thanksgiving in your beautiful new house!!

    As for the bathroom window... Kevin had blinds in his house that you can either pull up from the bottom or down from the top. Those might work in there? Here are a few links to what I'm talking about:,8759

  13. I love returning home after being away for a weekend, I can only imagine how wonderful it feels to spend time in your new home. Enjoy!

  14. Oh man i can't even imagine how good it feels to be home after being away for so long!

  15. Sooo first off those boots are AMAZING and I'm jealous. I love your ring home - the shell is such a great idea! I would be terrified to ever take that ring off.
    "bound and determined to become a local" -- haha!

  16. Nothin like a glass of red vino and a comfy throw!! Great blog--I love your posts. :)

  17. You two are such a beautiful couple. You seem so balanced even with all that travel!

  18. I'm a little behind on my blogging, but that view from the window in your bathroom... WOW! I thought that was a painting until I read what you wrote about it.

    And I would suggest some Roman shades. You can let them down when you're in the tub and keep them up other times to catch that lovely view.

  19. You look great girly, yey for getting pampered at the salon after so long! ;)

    How sweet you were able to go home, finally! I can't believe it had been that long for y'all! Nothing beats home. Enjoy!

  20. Oh my gosh, I can't imagine how excited you are to finally be in your HOME! And to sit on your front porch in a rocking chair with a throw! Perfect scene!

    Oh, and those boots! LOVE!!!

  21. That is ssoooo exciting! You two were so productive on your "break" from work. I feel like my husband and I would do a whole lot of nothing, haha! Your Christmas lights look amazing and those rocking chairs.....ahh so peaceful! As for the window, I'm not sure if you want to do sometime type of treatment, but you can buy a window film protectant for privacy but it still allows light to come through!

  22. Just came across your blog and I love it! New follower!

  23. 1-Way to brag about going home;)
    2-I feel myself wanting to say ya'll, but it hasn't come out of my mouth yet (in real life or in typing)
    3-Your hair always looks amazing
    4-I am IN LOVE with those Tory Burch boots.

    Glad you guys got to spend some time at home even though I'm kinda jealous! Your house is so beautiful

  24. oh my... I love the rings in the seashell idea. Must remember that one for later!!

  25. I love the story behind the shell you keep your rings in! Phew I couldn't stand to be away from home that long, you brought up so many things that I take for granted daily!


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