Tuesday, December 6, 2011

atlanta, ga

The morning after Thanksgiving we hit the road nice and early. It was time to head back to work and south to Atlanta for a weekend of football!

We stopped in South Carolina to grab a Dunckinccino for the drive.

Georgia @ Georgia Tech football game

No better way to cruise around the warehouse then on a golf cart!

Georgia Dome - Vikings @ Falcons football game

Gorgeous sunset from my phone (unedited)

Smell ya later Atlanta! Onward south we go...


  1. dear kaitlyn aka kate aka farrah,

    i love some ATL and i love that it's so close to Greenville. i'm sure those football games were hella fun! big state rival game and then an NFL game.

  2. i'm from atl & LOVE it here. we really do have some of the most gorgeous sunsets- I feel like a nerd always taking pics of them. :)

  3. Ahh I miss Dunkin' Donuts so bad! There is none where I live :(

  4. Looks so pretty! I'm surprised you found a dunkin donuts down south, we dont have one near me but I've heard they have them like every street corner up north like new jersey

  5. Ahhh we were in Atlanta the same weekend! Funny! We were visiting a friend in Roswell. Glad y'all had a nice time!


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