Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sneak peak - our home decor

We moved in on a Monday and 8 days later, on the following Tuesday, we had to leave town for work.
We needed to accomplish the majority of our unpacking, furniture placement and decorating in that short week.
And we did.
Mission accomplished!


Formal Living Room

Formal Dining Room (totally incomplete/unfinished)

Family Room

Downstairs bathroom

Guest Room #1

Guest Room #2

This year Ralph is celebrating his 10 year anniversary as my 1 and only plant!

Laundry Room

Master Bath


Family Room & Kitchen

We worked really hard and had a blast putting our house together.
A freaking blast!
So much is from our travels or pieces we've collected along the way.
And much of it is brand spankin' new too!
We absolutely love what we've done so far, but it's not even close to finished.


Next steps:
kitchen table
furnish our bonus room upstairs
install plantation shutters & roman shades
put a fence up for Cali
A kitchen table, window treatments and a fence will our next purchases... small fry needs to be able to run free!


  1. Everything looks so pretty! Glad you are happy with how it all turned out!

    Ps We now have a Cheerwine billboard in my town :)

  2. Is Cali a "runner" as in a run a way -er if she isn't fenced in ?

  3. Your new home looks beautiful! Looks like y'alls hard work paid off!!!

  4. Wow, you guys are good. That's a lot to do in a week! Everything looks awesome!

  5. first and foremost - i'm in love with your house. lust is a sin, but i'm sorry, i can't help it.

    second - i don't know if it's because it's still fairly early, but i literally laughed out loud reading "small fry needs to run free". as a matter of fact, i'm laughing while i'm typing this. my, oh, my.

    anywho. lovely decor! can't wait to buy and furnish a house of my own :))

  6. I am loving the rustic look of all your tables!

  7. So, so great, Kate! All your hardwork definitely paid off! The house looks amazing!

  8. everything is looking fantastic my friend...great job!!

  9. kate your house is gorgeous!!!! love love love your decor style. everything looks perfect :)
    so happy for you and bryan, what an amazing accomplishment...to own a home :) a huge gorgeous one at that ;)

  10. Looks amazing!! Maybe, ya knows, if your job ever brings you around the Maryland area, you can stop by my house and give me some advice on how to decorate;)

  11. It looks amazing! I can't believe how fast you did it!

  12. It looks amazing! I can't believe how fast you did it!

  13. Yeyy! How exciting! Everything looks great!

    Believe me girl, it takes time! We've been in our house since Feb. and we have some empty rooms, but we want it to look a certain way so we're willing to wait it out a little longer.

  14. I love it! It looks so great and I am glad you all had a great time putting it together!!

  15. oh my goodness, everything looks fantastic! It looks like it came that way- everything looks in the right place! I love the anchor above the bath tub! :) Congrats!

  16. Ya, thanks for making the almost 3-months homeowner feel bad...haha! Just joking...but kinda! You have soooo much decorating done already and it looks so fantastic!

  17. It looks like a professional job! I'm so impressed with your decorating skills! Looks fantastic! Great job!

  18. Oh don't worry! I've been in my house almost 3 months now, and there's STILL stuff to do!

    P.S: I LOVE your dining table!

  19. Incredible, Kate!

    Really ... how do you do it?!

    I need to know the story behind that fabulous little chair in the kitchen next to the fridge??

  20. girrrrrrl....it is looking so great! i am super impressed with the progress. love your fabulous taste.

  21. Everything looks GREAT! I love it all :)

  22. great job decorating! you 2 have fab taste! your formal dining room table is awesome, i want it! :)

  23. your house looks like you have lived there for years. so cute!

  24. Love it! I might be obsessed with your kitchen table. It is awesome!

  25. i love your decor! you did such a great job! & it doesn't look like you both just moved in!


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