Wednesday, September 28, 2011

lubbock, tx

Bryan and I had an equal dislike for Lubbock.
If you don't go to Texas Tech there's really no need to be there.
If it wasn't for this cute, smack-talkin' kid who challenged Bryan to a game of basketball or horse every night, it would have been an entirely uneventful week.

Dry, dead grass everywhere.
That is the lasting memory I have of Lubbock.
There is no color in sight.
I'm craving color!

We worked at Texas Tech all week and were given free tickets to the Texas Tech vs. Nevada game.
Instead of going, we decided to hit the road and hightail our fanny's out of Lubbock...


  1. hahaha I need to read your posts religiously to help me decide where to live forever.

    Note to self: skip Lubbock.

  2. Hey lady! I don't think you gave Lubbock a fair shot. I grew up there, went to Tech and actually miss it. The people are nice & there's a great art community there.
    Hope you give it another shot...

  3. for some reason lubbock makes me thing of the word fat...i think because one of my college roommates used the term 'fatty f***ing lub lub" to describe a girl she hated

    i couldnt live without color!! gras...trees...leaves..the whole shebang.

    I just think its awesome you and your man travel side by side...seriously...HOW COOL! are you keping a scrapbook?! (im lame lol)


  4. How RUUUDE!!!! (in Stephanie Tanner voice) ok, ok ... I will give it to you that I hated Lubbock when I first visited, and I would not live there unless I was in school. But I promise you Lubbock totally grows on you and I Love it now!!!!!!!! West Texas has such a great charm once you get to know it. Promise. I heart LUBBOCK!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ahhh, you have the cutest Yorkie!!! I have one too :)

    New follower...loving reading your blog!!!

  6. I had a biz trip to Lubbock once and I'm like you was all I could do to get the heck out of there. What a gross place!


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