Friday, September 9, 2011

tallahassee, fl

Bryan and I spent an afternoon at Wakulla Springs, home to one of the worlds largest and deepest freshwater springs.


Manatee were so close. The bottom left of the picture is the side of the boat we were in. The captain cut the motors so the animals would get close to us!

Bryan was like a happy kid... he thanked me all day for taking him here, haha!



And my favorite of all sightings!

This woman is either completely clueless or completely full of confidence.
She belongs on What Not To Wear!


  1. I live in Tallahassee and Wakulla Springs is definitely a "sight!" I've only been once but didn't take a boat tour or anything. I have to admit the people watching is interesting, ha!

  2. Lol! You have to give her credit for obviously rockin' that fanny pack without any hesitation!!

    Glad y'all had fun! Seeing a oool?!?

  3. What a fun day! And I love What Not To Wear too:)

  4. GORGEOUS photos--I love all the manatees! And ahhh how I love to people watch and sight ladies like that, hehe!

  5. I've never stopped in Tallahassee before but it looks like you had a great day. How cool was that Manatee? The gators scare me a little though.

  6. Sounds like fun, but AHEM, we still haven't seen a picture of your new HAIR!

  7. Wow so fun, so many sights. Especially the last one. Wow. Good find! But I did love the manatees too!

  8. Oh man that lady.. hahaha kills me.

  9. You were so close to me!! I live in tallahassee and although Wakulla springs is close I hardly ever go! The manatees are pretty cool creatures though!! Glad y'all had fun!

  10. Oh wow that ladies outfit.. hilarious!

    I've never been there, but visit Tallahassee frequently for their football. I'm actually making a trip out there this weekend!

  11. i think she is complete full of confidence or she lost a bet! ;)


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