Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cali's in cali... such a jet setter she is!

Calz is so loved by both sets of her grand parents... and spoiled like crazy!
Thanks to my dad, she only flies first class.
He runs her in the morning and walks her in the evening.
My mom cleans out her eyes in the morning and bathes her weekly.
She gets turkey daily.
My parents let her sleep in their bed and under their covers... just how she likes it.
She lays out in the sun and by the pool all day.
Sits on my dads lap while he works from home.
And cuddles with my parents on the couch at night.
She's got a dream life when in CA!
My mom sent me this picture as a text -- she took Cali to work with her.
Cutest paperweight I've ever seen!

Bryan's parents love our little fur-child just like a grandchild.
His mom worries about her while she's at work and doesn't plan afterwork activities or weekend activities when Cali's around. LOL!
Bry's dad gives her a hard time, but loves having her around.
Mac, Bry's old yellow lab, is unamused by Calz, but Calz thinks she has a friend in her Uncle Mac and likes to push his buttons.
We skype our dog.
Yep. We do.
And we don't think it's weird at all.
In fact, Bryan and I yell Cali's name over and over again. That's what you see in this picture. She's cocking her head and staring because she can clearly hear us, but can't figure it all out... she's just a dog, ya know ;)

We miss our fur-baby like crazy, but know that she's in such great hands!
Girlfriends got a life filled with an immense amount love and exploration... most people would kill to have her life.


  1. peyton's "grandparents" are the same way with him! both sets love him like he is really their grandchild! It is so nice to know that if you aren't able to be there with them, they are in great hands and treated the way you would treat them!

  2. Macy Grandparents are the same way! My mother in law actually calls us to see if she can babysit her grandpuppy just she can snuggle her. It is great to know that she is getting so much love while her parents are away! Too cute :)

  3. Love this post!! You're right, she IS the cutest paper weight!!

  4. So stinkin' cute! Keep up the great parenting skills. I love animals so much as well and love to hear stories about how people spoil their pets rotten!!!

  5. that's hilarious! i drop my pups at my mom's everyday (don't ask... ) and they get SO spoiled there! she sends me pics while i'm at work and calls them my latch key kids...

  6. She's spoiled rotten, but such a cute pup, how could she not be?! I love it!

  7. Ah I love that. My parents are like that with Cruz too. Cruz does not get skype, it confuses her! I love that photo of Cali, so cute!

  8. Aw PRECIOUS! Love her as a paper weight! ha! Your parents seem so sweet and how nice of them to treat her like their little grand baby! Love that!

    p.s. I spoil our yorkie-poo... reading your posts about your dog reminds me SO much of ours!

  9. haha this cracked me up! What a spoiled little girl- but hey, that's what Grandparents are for :)

  10. That is just 2 cute!

  11. That is so cute! I love her expression on the computer. My mom calls our yorkies her "grand puppies" and spoils them rotten! :)

  12. So CUTE..Adorable Blog

    Have a great week

    ♥Ashton from secretconfessionsofayoungwife.blogspot.com

  13. What a spoiled Furbaby! LOL flying pets is expensive! You always have to have a current Certificate of Health from the Vet for them to fly, which is a vet visit cost, plus from NC to CA is kinda a long flight!

    Does Cali have skin that can handle getting bathed once a week? My groomer says most dogs don't or shouldn't be bathed more than once a month (which is what we do for Aspen) since the over washing can cause dry skin which leads to lots of itching. Just wondering! :)

  14. LOL! She is an adorable paperweight! Sounds like she is livin the life! Brutus always lives the life when he is at his "grandparents" too! He always comes back a little overweight, but that's how we know he's enjoying life!

    PS- I've been seeing your facebook posts and your job sounds seriously so enjoyable. Where do I apply?!?! =)

  15. This has to be one of the cutest posts ever! I'm loving your blog :)

  16. Awww she's so precious!! Looks just like my little Oliver!! xoxo


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