Thursday, September 15, 2011

lewisville lake

After spending a pretty boring week in Dallas, we knew that nothing could snap us out of our rut more than a lake view would.
We headed up to Denton for a few nights and went out to Sneaky Pete's on Lewisville Lake.
This place is huge!
Lake front.
Boat slips.
2 swimming pools.
Hot tub.
Numerous indoor and ourdoor bars.
Sliding board.
4 volleyball courts.


  1. I want to be on that lake right now... Preferably with a drink in hand!

  2. That's my 'hood! Love Lake Lewisville! -e

  3. it looks absolutely beautiful.
    i love lake days

  4. Whatever.

    I hope that when you get preg for the first time, you have triplets so you have NO CHOICE but to be tied down and be a stay at home mom of THREE hahaha!
    I am going to pray for this at night.

    btw, I am LOVING your dark hair. seriously. what does hubs think?

  5. Kate

    I wanted to email you this but I couldnt find your email address. I nominated you for a blog award!

  6. Wow! What gorgeous views! I can see why you would want to spend some time there :)


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