Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mile high city

When Kylee and I were in 5th grade we were on the same soccer team.
She didn't like me... I was too girly.
I didn't care for her... she was too competitive.
But playing tennis together all 4 years of high school made us the best of friends.
She went away to college at CU Boulder and every year I spent a long weekend visiting her.
I even flew to Spain to visit her for 2 weeks while she was studying abroad.
I was her MOH and she was in my wedding too!
Sometimes you don't need to live near each other or talk all of the time to know that you have a true friend.
We shared secrets, talked about adult stuff, had some really hard laughs and walked down memory lane.
I have a true friend in Kylee and really enjoyed our night together!

The next night Bryan and I went to the Rockies vs. Giants game.
And you know what?
This was Bryan's 20th stadium -- I'm so excited for him!

Just a block from the stadium was Denver's Oktoberfest

The next morning we woke up bright and early to work at Mile High Stadium.
Broncos vs. Bengals

We were in Denver for 48 hours and absolutely maximized our time.
Seriously had a great weekend!


  1. My cousin lives in Denver I wanna go visit! I lurveeee your hair pretty woman

  2. ps-why AINT Butch in no pics? my hick talk?

  3. You sound like you're having so much fun on Twitter!! It's fun to come over here and see photos of the fun!! :)

  4. i need to know what you do and how you get to travel so dang much! can I come work with y'all?! ;)

  5. You travel so much! So glad you had a great weekend with one of your bf's :) And I think its so sweet that you are so excited for Bryan :)

  6. love CO!!! Everything is so gorgeous there. That is one place I really wouldnt mind moving too.
    Sounds like you had a blast!!! :)

  7. you are too prettie for words!

    20th stadium?!?!? holy crap!! has he been to fenway? ;-) best one ever!

    i agree with can i sign up to be a super traveler like you?


  8. I just love your new hair, girl!

    I want to visit Denver, looks awesome!

  9. I love that your hubby is counting the stadiums. Such a cute idea. :)


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