Tuesday, September 20, 2011

fort collins, co

A couple years ago I planned a bachelorette party to Cheyenne, WY.
The bride and her friends lived in Denver, so on our drive up we stopped off at the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins.
Clearly it was mine and Bryan's 1st stop this week too!
Not only does New Belgium brew the popular Fat Tire and Sunshine beers, but they also have free tastings.
4 large free tastings!

Old Town Fort Collins has piano's everywhere for passer-by's to play. I can play Christmas carols!
Sunset over the Rockies from our hotel window

It was a 50 degree rainy night, so while most people cozied up to their fireplace, Bryan and I ventured out to Old Town for some of the best margaritas the country has to offer.
Yes, I said the country.
You see, The Rio's margaritas were voted Best Margarita in the Country!
I've spent several weeks of my life in Denver and always seem to find myself at The Rio downtown at some point, but the original Rio is in Fort Collins.

Marg numero uno - Frozen Mango

My honey's a manly wuss - he likes frozen Strawberry!

Marg numero dos - "original Rio" on the rocks

I was feelin' no pain at this point!
And no, I'm not that big of a lightweight.
The Rio has a 3 Margarita max rule--- that's how deliciously strong they are!
And I drank 2.
Margarita's are my favorite alcoholic beverage.
If you see pictures of me when I turned 21, you'd see quite a weight gain. It was because all I drank were margarita's. LOVE them!
So good... my mouth is watering for 1 right now!


  1. LOL Too funny!!

    Glad you guys are traveling/working together!! Hope you are having a great time!

  2. margaritas are my absolute favorite, also.

    that's basically the only alcoholic beverage i drink..besides the occasional lemon drop shot :)

  3. love your dark locks! love love love! i am drinking my fair share of 'ritas this week. so glad you and the hubs are getting to spend time together :-)

  4. 3 max?!?!? That is crazy!! I can only imagine how strong they are then. Next time I visit family in CO, I may have to stop there :)
    There is a place here in the Valley called Los Toros, ever heard of it? Super strong margaritas....super delish!!! :)

  5. These photos are so cute. I really am loving the dark hair. :) Be sure and stop by my blog for my first giveaway. It's a good one! Happy Tuesday! :)

  6. I'm sorry - Cheyenne, WY? I'm from there and what did you do for a bachlorette party?! I cannot imagine where you went or what to saw (unless it was Frontier Days). And yes, the margaritas at Rio are amaze-balls. I've never made it past 2 :)

  7. Okay, so it's only 11am and I'm craving a margarita! Those look delish!

  8. I LOVE Fat Tire and Margaritas!!! Fort Collins sounds like my perfect place :)

    Hope you guys are enjoying this new tour! Miss you both :)

  9. I almost forgot you dyed your hair! Whoa! lol Looks great.

    Sounded fun!!

  10. I love your dark hair! Looks like you had a great visit with your hubby! Now Im crVing margaritas too!


  11. I really love your hair (still! haha!) Did you end up lightening it?

  12. Those drinks look delicious!!!! (And deadly!!) Margaritas are my favorite, too!

    I absolutely love that colorful piano!! And yay for free tastings!!! :o)

  13. Ahh margaritas are my fave too! And daquiris :)

  14. Free tastings?!? Amazing! And I'm so digging the brunette, lady!

  15. I love this!!! The downtown Denver Rio is my favorite. And somehow, on a girls night out we managed to convince the waitress that we were sober enough for 4. And she bought it!! Needless to say it was an epic evening. :)

  16. How funny you were in Fort Collins! I was born and raised there and live about an hour away now but I've been to every picture you posted. Yes, the Rio margs are a must when you visit. So delicious and SO strong!
    Glad you enjoyed our little town =)


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