Friday, September 23, 2011

seasons change every 3 months... every year

It seems like everyone and their mother confuses Labor Day with the beginning of fall these days.
It's like, white is out.
Autumn is in.
No. No. No.
Labor Day is not the first day of fall.

Today is the first day of fall!

Goodbye summer.
I will officially miss you, although in my world, you're not really gone.

I'm still getting used to this whole "seasons" thing.
Living in southern California all my life, the change of seasons was so minor and definitely did not come at the appropriate times.
There were many a year when I wore flip flips or sandals on Christmas day and a sweatshirt and jeans in June.

But I am accustom to the changing of seasons.
I've been traveling for my job for 7 years now.
And because of this, I've experienced the changing of seasons for all of my adult years.

Seasons change every 3 months... every year.
No new revelation.

It's always the people that grew up with seasons that react so strongly when they change.
It's as if they act all surprised that it's cooler outside in the fall and warmer outside in the spring.

Every facebook status update is related to the season:
"It's so cold outside. When did this happen?"

And then it's 85 degrees out the next day.

I just don't get it.
We know it's coming.
We all get that the earth rotates around the sun.

It gets cool every fall and they get all excited.
Then a few months into the cool whether they start complaining about it being cold.
And it gets warm every spring and they get all excited.
Then a few months in they start complaining about it being too hot.
You know those people?

I get being excited about the seasons changing.
It's worth getting excited over!
But being surprised or complaining about it?
That's what I can't grasp!

I appreciate seasons.
Love the changing of seasons.
Am excited to be living in a state where seasons change.
But I'm never surprised by them, nor do I feel the need to complain about them.
Unless they damage my home. Then I'll be pissed!

Today I am in Texas.
I'm not sure the first day of fall means anything to Texans.
I mean, it means nothing to me while I'm in Texas.
It's suppose to be 100 degrees this weekend.
No pumpkin spiced latte for me.
I'll stick to sippin' a Cadillac Margarita or a glass of Sauvignon Blanc while outside on a patio.
That sounds great, actually!
It kinda makes me feel like I'm back in CA anyway.
But without the ocean view and Santa Ana's.
Oh how I do not miss those asthma inducing winds!

I'm in Texas for 3 weeks right now.
3 dry and hot weeks.
Then I head up to some cooler states.
My body will probably go into shock when it feels cool, crisp air.

But alas, I will head back to Texas again.
Because it seems like I am stuck in Texas this fall.
It's so dry here that my hands are cracking.
I'm constantly thirsty.
I'm not the biggest fan of Texas, but I take it for what it is and enjoy my days as they are.

So it looks like I'll be rockin' sundresses well into November and I'm more than okay with that!

Before any Texans get all heated and spew fightin' words my way ... I know how you all defend and love your state to know end.
Know that I love San Antonio, Fort Worth and Austin.
Houston is eh, not so bad either.
But the state as a whole?
Yeah, it's just not my cup of tea.
And I'm not saying that as an uneducated traveler.
I have 47 other states that I've been to... that I compare it to.
And I think I'd rather spend fall in about 45 other states than Texas.


  1. oh my gosh. Texas is soo hot! I can see why it doesnt feel like Fall. What do you do for a job? If you dont mind me asking?? Just wondering what keeps you on the road traveling so much? just curious!
    and dont you miss your hubby when you are away?? :)

  2. Ha! Very true. I guess you have to have grown up with "season" to really appreciate them ;) I look forward to the changes...I don't know if I could every live somewhere without them.

  3. ahahahaha you are hilarious. and I am sure you knew I would comment huh?
    poor girl is stuck in texas :( my mom says it is supposed to be hot again ALL next week in the arlington area. definitely need those iced drinks nothing hot!!! :)
    where do you head after Texas? Hopefully somewhere more beautiful and exciting ;)

  4. I liked your post! I hae grown up with every season living in NC, however my college town- still located in NC likes to switch and skip over seasons sometimes. There isn't really a summer because it snows until april and then still isn't hot, and it skips over fall and right into winter!

  5. Haha! I live in Texas (and have my whole life). I live in Fort Worth actually. And I'd probably rather spend this time of year in just about any other state too. One that actually has a real fall season. Fall is by far my favorite season. I love everything that fall brings (pumpkin everything mostly). But I wish we had the pretty leaves changing and the cool, crisp air. O well. Today's high is in mid 80's. I'll take what I can get :)

  6. gah, I couldn't agree more. Can't stand the folks who act so pumpd about it being warm in april and then mad a month later when it's super hot and then happy it's cooler and then pissed when it's freezing. ha. I know exactly the type of people you are talking about! and again, I need your job. I swear if they ever need someone else holler at your girl :-)

  7. I never understand the people who cant wait for the hot or the cold weather and then when it hits all they do is complain. I kinda wanna slap them across the face and say really you were just crying for this weather to get here and now its here and your still not happy. Get with it. Appreciate the change. Change is good!

  8. OMG.. that annoys me too. Every where I look people were saying that fall started on Labor Day. Um no. Those same people do it with summer and Memorial Day. Summer is June 21, not May. It's like look at a calendar. End rant. A lot of people are unhappy about the changing of the seasons and cooler weather. I love it. Fall weather and fall fashion is my favorite.

  9. Haha I am that girl who gets surprised when the seasons change. I think as I've gotten older I have become more sensitive to the changing weather. But a new season always means new clothing :-)

  10. Sads Texas isn't treating you right! I guess us Houstonians are just used to it and don't expect much lol. Hopefully it gets a leeeeeetle cooler for ya!

    ...I'm pretty sure we'll be in sundresses 'til Christmas lol.

  11. I live in Austin, Tx and hate hate hate the weather. The heat is horrible!!!!!!!!!! I'd move out of Tx in a heartbeat!!! Oh, I did go to school at Texas Tech; I loved it but YES, very ugly up there!!!HEHE!! I'm a new follower!!!


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