Wednesday, June 6, 2012

randomness for the day

I just realized that 'every time' is two words. If you knew my major in college, you would find this revelation just as pathetic as I do.

Just like Orange County isn't a town, neither is Lake Norman, but it's where we say we live. Not sure why Bryan and I always end up in areas like this. Kinda coincidental? Maybe fate??

I still need to change my last name to Bryan's...

My mom has always told me that men peak in the looks department at age 30 and that peak lasts a good 20 years. Have you seen Bryan lately? He turned 30 5 months ago and has never looked better!

I'm so over buying clothes. Home decor is all the rage in my world these days! Welcome to adulthood Kate, it's about time we meet.

With that being said, I just counted... I've purchased 9 sundresses in the past week. Oy. 

Best thing about living in a hotel -- Your bed is always made and you always have fresh towels!

The neighborhood we moved into bares the same name of the county I was born in. Talk about full circle.

If you've ever ordered a Cadillac in a bar, you're my kinda gal! If you don't know what it is... well..... shame on you.

I need to know how to make a heart in my coffee. If I learn this trick, I will be a hit in an office one day!

Why oh why do my hair and nails grow so damn fast? I know I'm not that healthy!

I have a large red birthmark plastered on my right wrist. If I ever go missing. That's how I'll be identified.

We acquired a roommate. She's been at our house since late April and will probably be with us through a good portion of the summer.


  1. Dont feel bad I have gotten seriously 5 new maxis in the past 3 days!

  2. Your life seems to move fast!

    I always have to remember to put the space in a lot. Just like every time.

    I have become addicted to sundresses this year, oy vey!

    Happy weds!


  3. Here's my randomness of the day -- I went through my closet this morning and realized there is a bunch of CRAP i need to get rid of.
    I think I'll get on that tonight.

  4. hey woman!while I'm thinking of it, we must chat. when will you be in charlotte in july?

    thinking about doing a long weekend then. xo!

  5. you are hilarious...i too want to learn to make a heart in coffee

  6. My husband I celebrated our two year marriage anniversary yesterday and I didn't change my name until this past May. Oops!

  7. Hahahah "If I ever go missing..." positive thinking, woman, positive thinking.

    I recently learned "at least" is two words too. Much to my dismay.

  8. I can totally relate to you on changing the name -- I FINALLY did so at the Soc Sec office, but everything else (license, passport, credit cards), well that is still under my maiden name :)

  9. SO - Shame on me.. what is a cadillac? I had NO idea you have lived in a hotel? Is this meant in the context of, "while traveling for work..."?! Or is there a story?? Lastly.. my hubby is from Mount Airy but we call it Mayberry [which obvy isn't it's real name but where the Andy Griffith show was filmed and the name of "their" town]. LOL.

  10. Sooooo the every time thing...ya...I'm just now figuring that out too and I solely contribute the iPhone for teaching me the correct spelling. iPhones...they really are good for some things other than social media...ha!

    With ya on the home decor! I totally walk past the clothing stores/sections these days and walk straight to the house stuff. LOVE it!

    What the hay is a cadillac?! I was a bartender for 5 years and have NEVER heard of this!!??

    PS-you look gorg in your profile pic on the left!! (I've been WAY behind on blog reading so forgive me if that's been there for a year now...)

  11. I lOVEEEE Cadillacs! I knew I loved you!

    Oh, and when you learn how to make a heart in your coffee, please teach me.

    ps- We should meet up soon! When are you coming to the OC? This mama could use a trip!

  12. I'm jealous of the maxis and good luck with the roommate! I think its always a little easier to have a house guest during the summer when there's a lot to do and see...and be outside ;)


  13. oh I think men just look better and better as they age! Rob will be 47!!!!!! this month and he has never looked better. Guys age well, women? not so much. #truth

  14. Haha love this post and found myself thinking, "really" and other times completely agreeing with your realizations. "every time" gets me "every time" ha.

    Oh & I am going to order a Cadillac now & either be sorry I didn't or pleasantly surprised. Either way it will be fun.

    Have a lovely rest of the week! xo

  15. cadillac margartia right?? thats the way to roll!

  16. ooh 9 sundresses in a week, watch out summer wardrobe here you go!!

  17. I have no idea what a cadillac is and for some reason that makes me really sad. Since you and I are the same person I will assume I like it. I'm still waiting for your old sundresses to appear on my doorstep. COME HOME NOW!

  18. Seriously, Great Post! Feel free to follow back :)


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