Tuesday, June 26, 2012

natural beauty

Fresh flowers add life and natural beauty to any room.
I love the addition of these hydrangea's to my family room ladder.
It must be summer!
To view pictures of our family room click here.


  1. That's one thing I love about summer! How fresh everything is. Fresh flowers, fresh fruit, fresh veggies! :)

    Hope you chekc out my Erin Condren giveaway!


  2. On the top of your ladder is a turquoise ceramic bird...funny, we have similar tastes because I have the same one in my guest bathroom!

  3. We got those ladder shelves in white for our apartment :)

  4. Agreed! I love, love fresh flowers. I get a small bouquet every week for my dining table and coffee table. :)

  5. I tell myself that in my future life I am going to buy fresh flowers once a week. Makes everything better!

  6. Your family room is my favorite part of your house house...from what I saw when I stepped in. :) That and your dining room table, about stole that last time!

  7. I always add that bookshelf to my shopping cart and then take it out. I am afraid the boys with destroy things on it. I want it for my room, but the boys do go in there sometimes. Is it pretty sturdy?

  8. Where did you buy your ladder? I'm looking for one for our front living room, but all the ones I like are way too expensive!


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