Friday, June 15, 2012

completely irrational fears

Everyone has fears.
Some are debilitating. Some are not.
Mine are not debilitating, but they do send me into a tizzy just thinking about them.


Every fear I have revolves around traveling, which is bizarre given my profession and lifestyle.
Go figure!

My biggest fear is drowning.
I'm an asthmatic and understand what it feels like to be unable to breathe.
I'm pretty sure that this is where my fear stems from.
But the thing is, I'm not just simply afraid of drowning. 
I'm afraid of drowning in a plane crash.
My father swears that when a plane crashes into the ocean you're dead on impact.
But I feel like I'd be the lone survivor suffocating and drowning to death.
I pray to God that if I'm ever in a plane crash, we fly straight into a mountain or the ground and just blow up.
But I hear pilots always look for water.

Downgraded from that fear, I have a couple irrational and dramatic fears.

I fear that I will run out of food on a plane and starve.
Not really starve. But kind of starve.
I seriously pack so many snacks on flights, you'd think I was hoarding food.
And best believe I get tomato juice every time that carts comes down the isle.
That stuffs filling!
And I want to be as full as can be come landing.
Have you ever landed, think your flight is over, but noooooo... A gate isn't available and you have to sit on the plane for over an hour?
Yeah, this happens to me... often.
And this is when my tomato juice bevies and pre-packed snacks come in handy.
The best snack to travel with, for me, are peanut butter filled pretzels.
They take up little space in a carry on, are super satisfying, not too smelly and so incredibly filling.

I also have a fear of sitting next to an ex boyfriend or someone from my past.
Could you imagine how awkward that would be?
Having uncomfortable small talk with them for an entire flight.
Oh. My. Word.
It makes me squirm just thinking about it!

Do you have any overly dramatic or completely irrational fears... or is it just me?


  1. No I definitely have irrational fears. I always think someone is hiding in my closet to kill me!

  2. GIRL, I'm so with you. I get so nervous about flying and something happening. I pray SO HARD on take off and initial decent. I'm flying this weekend, alone EK!

    I also am scared I will be soo hungry on a flight I too pack 12048028 snacks. I also get nervous I will have to go to the restroom but the guy next to me is sleeping. I'm usually on the aisle, but I always get nervous about that one.

    Glad I'm not the only girl who feels this way.

    have a great friday! xoxo

  3. you are so funny. I fear many things too. BUT the difference is that I would be more afraid of what is in the ocean than actually drowning. I fear that a shark would attack me and I would get eaten alive! lol .. have a good weekend girlie!

  4. I have an irrational fear of missing a flight. It happened once... no big deal I got on the next plane. But if I even think about it I have a panic attack.

  5. I hateee going to the bathroom on planes! I don't even know why!

  6. I always get tomato juice on planes too! I get the spicy kind, yummm.

  7. Hmmm, I don't have any plane fears but I definitely have random other I'll have stress dreams that I didn't do anything I needed to before going on a trip, or that I missed some big important event and then I wake up all freaked out and make like 5 lists and still worry I'm forgetting something. I know I have more but go figure, I'm forgetting them right now...

  8. I loved reading through this post.. If it makes you feel better.. you aren't the only way that feels this way! :)

    i just added myself as a follower.. can't wait to read more!

  9. This is so interesting to me! I have some pretty odd fears, and a few of yours gave me anxiety just reading them. I am going to have to think about this because I know I have so many weird/dramatic fears.

  10. I HATE flying! Mostly because I get really nauseous, and i'm always scared the plane is going to crash or something lol

  11. I don't want to burn to death!!

  12. i have so so many irrational fears, especially waisting a good outfit, or awkward encounters

  13. oh no! I have never even thought about having my seat next to an ex-bf or someone else equally as awkward. That would be the world's longest flight! With my luck, this is definitely going to happen now!

  14. I'm another one with a fear of flying.. Or maybe it is just a fear of being in a plane crash? I just keep thinking to myself that once that plane is up in the air then you're stuck there.. I think it's the lack of being in control that scares me the most about flying! xx

  15. I have a fear of choking or someone breaking into our house or something happening to my hubby and pups.

  16. Why do you think all of your fears revolve around planes? I don't think I have any irrational fears! At least I can't think of any !

  17. Well I have a fear of flying all together. I have never done it, but I don't really think I want to either. That's kind of a lie. I like the idea of getting somewhere fast, but then theres the whole how the HELL is this huge thing floating in the air thought. So let's just say this post has set my flying days back a little further. hahaha kidding!! Let's be real Im not getting on a plane regardless!


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