Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ole miss

Oxford, MS is everything you would imagine and more - It is quaint, charming, picturesque and full of Ole Miss pride. Football is a religion and the town shuts down on home game Sunday's.

The earlier part of last week was spent working between the Student Union and the famous Grove.

Every home game the football team parades down the walk of champions in The Grove. Think Eli Manning and Michael Orr...

You have not done Oxford justice if you haven't visited the town square. There is no mall in town, only boutique shopping on the square, so clearly we cleaned ourselves up and headed there for a fine night out.

Neilson's is the oldest continuously running department store in the country

William Falkner lived (and is buried) in Oxford and used many of the town's historic sites for his novels, some of which are on the square

City Grocery
City Grocery is the culinary epicenter for Oxford. The chef, John Currence, has been featured in many magazines, most recently September's issue of Bon Appetite. He also appeared on Top Chef Masters season 3. Bryan and I went for drinks (2 for 1 whiskey and diet's, of course) at Irie and then headed over to City Grocery for the most decadent of meals.

Ole Miss vs. LSU

Tailgating in The Grove is unreal - best tailgating school, hands down!

Saturday nights game was a blowout of major proportions: 52-3. Bryan and I were given free tickets to the game... free 3rd row tickets! It was amazing to sit in the stands at Ole Miss and root on these two teams, one of which (LSU) may very well be in the National Championship.

I can honestly say that out of everywhere we've gone on this tour, Oxford is the most memorable for both Bryan and I. What an amazing college town!


  1. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog today. I'm also a southern cali girl living in the south! Nice to know there is more than one of us out there :)

  2. What a different way of life down there. Have always wanted to go to a football game at one of the old southern schools!

  3. everytime i hear about Ole Miss, i think about the movie, The Blind Side, haha.

    Looks like such a great town to live and go to school!

  4. I visited Ole Miss last month and thought it was beautiful. Your pictures reminded me of everything I saw.

  5. i went to ole miss for a game in college, and i agree, there is nothing like the grove!

  6. aw man. oxford and ole miss look like the perfect little getaway. next time our "cocks" play them and it's in oxford i'm going to do everything in my power to make a trip.

  7. you two are so cute!! looks like you had fun!! :)

  8. Well, welcome y'all! So glad you had a good time. I'm from around there and it's nice to hear you liked it! Come back soon :)

  9. So jealous! I was talking to someone the other day about how amazing it would be to do a "tailgate tour" and go around to a bunch of colleges in the South and experience how each tailgates.

  10. As an LSU Alumni, I'm saying GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!
    We're heading down to Baton Rouge tomorrow and will be at Tiger Stadium on Friday to cheer for them to beat the Hogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have to say their is truly nothing like southern football and being from TX I would know. I have no idea what you do as I'm a new follower but what a dream to travel around to all these games, the towns/city's alone make me jealous but then through in football.

  12. This sounds like so much fun! I love tailgating for my Buckeyes, but I love hearing about the traditions of people who cheer for other schools! This was a great post!

  13. Def a dream of mine to go to a game there! That tour is awesome and I need to be on it ;-)

  14. Isn't Oxford beautiful? I go to Ole Miss and absolutely adore it! So glad y'all had fun and visited the square! Just sad y'all had to witness our terrible team this year! Hotty Toddy! :)

  15. Oxford is a place that you will never forget. As part of a community-wide project celebrating its 175th Anniversary the town is providing former and current residents that opportunity. The public is being offered a chance to share personal memories of Oxford. The goal, create a history book that is not facts and dates but is comprised of the stories, passed down and current, that make the town’s history personal.
    “Storytelling is our oldest form of communication,” says Wayne Andrews, Yoknapatawpha Arts Council director. “Everyone that lives- or has lived- in Oxford can be part of telling our town’s colorful history by just sharing their memories with us.”
    My Oxford will collect stories online and compile them into a hard-copy book that will preserve the town’s oral history. The idea behind My Oxford is that the community memory shapes a town’s history. With the help of its residents, My Oxford will be able to tell the story of Oxford from various, unique perspectives.
    My Oxford is sponsored by The City of Oxford, Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and the Oxford Convention and Visitors Bureau. To submit a story visit www.myoxford.oxfordarts.com.


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