Thursday, November 17, 2011

hattiesburg, ms

After our 1.5 days in New Orleans, a week in the quiet town of Hattiesburg was perfect. We worked at Southern Miss all week and then activated at the Southern Miss vs. Central FL game that weekend. It was such a treat to stay in the same hotel for a full week straight, a hotel of which upgraded us to a suite - booya! This week provided us the time to start Christmas shopping, purchase our Christmas lights for our house, venture into Hobby Lobby for the 1st time and get caught up on tv shows. It felt nice to run "normal" errands while on the road.


  1. I still haven't been to a hobby lobby... I need to go but I'm nervous I'll leave with too much stuff..

    I need to go back and read about New Orleans now : )


  2. did you use that fitness trail? if so, that does not sound relaxing to me.

    your unicorn "friend."

  3. I was just thinking after reading this. Are you guys able to cook in the hotels you stay at? Or do you have to eat out all the time? If so, does your company reimburse you for food expenses? Just curious

  4. I hope one day your blog title says lexington, ky. Cause i will probably pee my pants a lil bit :-)

  5. I went to hobby lobby when i visited my friend in austin and it was love at first sight- I wish we have one in SF!

  6. I love hobby lobby... and you're hair. Teach me how to make mine look like yours!

  7. I also would like your hair.

    I went to Southern Miss and lived in Hattiesburg for 6 or 7 years. Love it!


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