Thursday, November 10, 2011

arkansas - jonesboro and fayetteville

Bryan and I headed back to Arkansas to work at Arkansas State in Jonesboro and at the Arkansas vs. South Carolina game in Fayetteville. This football game is also known as the Hogs vs. Cocks game - gross, right?

Bryan and I were in Fayetteville last month, so we used this week to just veg out, regroup and relax. We literally did nothing worth mentioning, unless you consider trips to Walmart, Lowes and the grocery store exciting. It was really nice to spend an entire week eating Lean Cuinsine's and rotisserie chickens in our hotel room!

Pulling into our event space at a very dark 7:00am, we randomly spied our buddy, Grant, setting up his for event. Although we all travel like crazy and there are a bazillion events across this country, our industry is small and every once in a while we run into each other at an event. Grant's a great guy, so it was fun to get to spend a working day with him!

We have driven about 15 hours through the state of Arkansas this month. Between the rolling hills, changing leaves and many ponds and rivers, the entire states topography is beautiful this time of year!

Arkansas is one of those states that if someone dropped me in it, without me knowing where I was, I would never guess I was in Arkansas -- the countryside is just perfect!


  1. ooh, that is pretty! Reminds me of home, in Ontario :)

  2. "topography" i like your use of big words. ;)

    don't hate on my "cocks"'s the only time you can get away with saying Go Big Cocks and not slapped or be given the side-eye.

  3. I've been to Little Rock... twice... so spent a grand total about about 14 days there. I didn't dislike the city at all but OH MY GOSH was it hot! And I was there to see my bf play baseball so I was outside in that lovely heat A LOT. Judging by your attire in the pic, you didn't have that problem.

    I cheer for anyone that's playing against Arkansas (for personal reasons) so GOOO COCKS! - oh yea and my friend coaches there.

    I think you needed/deserved a week to relax!

  4. i live in north little rock arkansas and i love it! having the arkansas river cut through my town is such a blessing. and the drive to fayetteville is absolutely beautiful. so glad you loved staying in my state. it really is a great place to call home.

    go hogs!! so glad we beat those cocks! lol.

  5. OMG I cant believe I didnt find your blog soon!! I loves it!!

    Look forward to reading along!


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