Wednesday, August 10, 2011

today sucks

Really sucks.
Now that we're down to the wire with this house, I'm ready to flip the eff out!
The final days before closing are the most awful days of the whole process.
This should be an exciting time.
But it isn't.
At. All.
It's BEYOND stressful.
And I'm about to give a lot of money to a mortgage company I hate.
I actually loathe our lender.
I would never recommend them.
And I hate that they are profiting off of me.
I want this process to be over.
And once it is, I am never buying another house ever again.
You think I'm overreacting or being dramatic?
I'm not.
This is my 1 and only home ever.
I told Bryan that they are wheeling me out of this house and putting me in the grave.
True story.
To sum up this process for those who know me...
I would compare it to buying a wedding dress.
This is worse.
100 x worse.
But I don't have hives this time.
Or my mother sweeping in to save the day.
But I promise you that come Friday, I will be covered in hives.
Oh, and I have the most attention starved dog in the history of dogs.
She's driving me insane.
All she wants to do is play.
And all I do is bribe her love with treats and chicken.
Because I don't have time for her right now.
My bribery is working.
Thank God Calz is easy to please.
I just ate an entire Haagen Dazs 14 oz. ice cream container.
Peanut Butter & Chocolate.
1225 calories.
No shame.
No guilt.
Worth every. effing. calorie!
And have I mentioned that Bryan is in NYC...
Eff me!


  1. awww...I know the process, and its frustrating. Lucky for us, our mortgage broker was great! But it was the issue of my boyfriend being German that caused a lot of hassle...we had to wait on paper work from germany, extend the deadline and almost didn't make it! everything was a rush, and it was super stressful!

    Take a deep breath, and go one day at a time. Soon you will get to the fun stuff...moving in and decorating and making it your own :)

  2. I want to hear that wedding dress story!!! The stress will all be worth it once you are in your beautiful new home!

  3. Sorry the process sucks. It will be worth it in the end. I promise.

  4. PS - Not that I know...I'm just guessing ;)

  5. Ahh sounds frustrating - but try to look on the bright side! You have a beautiful home to eventually move in with your beautiful family! Can't wait to see how it pans out (wonderfully, I'm sure!)

    Maggie @

  6. My 3 sisters and I recently started renting a townhouse and it was the worst experience ever! The landlord, realtor, everyone was so mean and rude to us.
    =[ I feel your pain

  7. I hear ya on the home buying process being horrible! Why can't they make that easier?!?! Just remember what an amazing house you're getting, and that once it's yours, you get to make it a home for your family! That you get to grow old in! :) Just keep focusing on the end game!

  8. aww girlie I am so sorry you are totally stressed. I know it will be 100% worth it once everything is done and over. You will have a beautiful house that you and Bryan can grow old in and watch you future kids grow up in.
    I have no clue the amount of stress you have right now, and I am sure based on your post I dont want to know LOL ;) But from all your other house has to be worth it. Try to stay happy!!
    If I could send you a Coffee Bean drink I totally would...because I know that would make everything better ;)

  9. Mix a cocktail--that way if there's a glitch you'll be less likely to hold in the snap. Sometimes a snap is the only way to release tension.

    here's hoping it's smooth from here on out though!


  10. Just keep reminding yourself that this is your dream house...its all worth it in the end. Soon enough, you and Bryan will be making the best memories in your new home that will wipe these stressful times right off the grid!

  11. I actually really appreciate this post today. I'm not having a great day either and I like your honesty. I hope that it all works out smoothy with your house!

  12. Hang in there! Only one more day and the tension will break and you'll be able to get calm again!

  13. Oh I feel your pain. It can be pure misery, but it will all be over soon. You eat that ice cream girly! Every ounce of it. Today is blizzard day at dairy queen (all profits go to childrens miracle network) go treat yourself! Thinking bout ya :)

  14. First of all....I enjoy reading your blog! I'm sorry to hear your frustration with the home but it looks absolutely beautiful and all your hard work is paying off.....soon you will be able to enjoy that amazing home of yours. Hang in there..... :)

  15. Yes the process sucks but just think when its all over you will be a homeowner and that in and of itself is awesome! Good luck your almost done.

  16. Aw sorry you're having a rough time.. it will all be over soon! :)

    p.s. my dog does the same! just last night she kept bringing me her babies and I was getting so annoyed, but we love them !:)


    YOU can do it. If not, your ice cream or PB will do the trick. lol it's ok I'd do the same thing!!

  18. hope this gets better... soon. Haagen Daz does some to do the trick sometimes!

  19. Aww, I feel for you. It is a HORENDOUS process - last time we did it I wore sunglasses to hide the tears. Nothing fun about buying a home! BUT keep in mind all the AMAZING new memories you are going to make there and that soon all this process is going to be water under the bridge. Already, if you look at your new post it makes me smile thinking of how beautiful it is and you are going to make it and how many new wonderful memories are going to be made there :) .

  20. I hope today is going a little bit better. I can only imagine all the hoops you have to jump though when you are closing:( It will be worth it-just think of all the fun times/memories/laughter that will go on in your new home!

  21. Oh no!! What is going on? The process will be over so soon and then the fun begins of starting your life in the new house! It will all be worth it!

  22. Ooh you poor girl!! I think everyone hates their lender though, you aren't alone. It's disgusting the profit they make too... makes me sick to my stomach to think about it!! But your about to have a gorgeous home for you and your man and Calbaby and that's the exciting part that you've gotta keep on your mind!!

  23. i felt the same way when we were buying ... it is such a process and not very enjoyable either ... it is all worth it the day you get the keys and you walk into your very own home ... hang in there!

    hope you have a great weekend!


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