Tuesday, August 2, 2011

exploring seattle

At this very moment Bryan is en route home from spending 10 working days in Seattle.
But, of course, he was able to squeeze in some sight-seeing and fun!
Pike's Place Market: Athenian's fresh seafood lunch at the market
$10 flowers at the market = Gorgeous!
Wall of gumcrisp & blue Pacific NorthwestSeattle Mariners game. Yep, he's now been to 17 of the 30 MLB stadiums!Hurry home...


  1. That looks so fun! But ewww a wall of gum?! I would not want to go near that!

  2. Oh i'm so glad he had a good time here in Seattle! And yes, the flowers are the market are so lovely, and a great deal!

  3. No matter what the wall of gum makes me gag! LOLOLOLOL

  4. oh my gosh, a wall of gum? really? ew. lol. besides that it looks like a great time! great blog!

    love, rach.


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