Friday, August 5, 2011

lake path house update - electrical, hardwoods, pendant lighting & carpet installed

June 27, 2011
Our hardwoods were installed and they are the perfect contrast to the tile in the kitchen.
I'm loving that we mixed it up a bit flooring-wise.
Carpet is one of the final thing to be installed inside our home.
It's turning out to look even better than we thought it would!
June 30, 2011
Our builder called Bryan and told him that our carpet was being installed and that our pendant lighting finally went in.
We didn't really have any vision to what the pendants would look like once in and we were both unsure of them initially.
But Bryan went back to check them out again later in the day, flipped the lights on and we both think they look awesome! Oh yes, lights. Lights are kind of a big deal because as of yesterday we didn't have electricity. Yay for electricity!We put carpet in the entire upstairs, downstairs bedroom and formal living room.
This is the formal living room and the wood is in the front entry way.
I'm loving the way that the wall color, carpet color and wood give off a light and airy vibe.
The wood we chose is a rustic looking wood with dents and grooves in it.
It's just our style and is gorgeous!Upstairs bonus room and starting on the stairs
Bry went to check on everything later in the day and all carpet was done.


Master We think all they have left to do is stain the bannisters and add a bannister up the stairs.
From what I remember, I think that the only things left outside are to attached the decorative shutters to the outside of the house, paint the front pillars white, touch up all paint and clean.
So essentially, our house building process is 95% complete.


  1. Everything is coming along great! I love the wood!

  2. Looks amazing! so when do you move in!!!

  3. It looks great! Love the pendant lighting. It is crazy how difficult it is to pick out fixutres for a house. I just spent over an hour the other day picking out fans. I hope I'm as happy with my decisions as you are with yours!

  4. so exciting!!! love that hard wood floor. the rustic is just what tony and i would pick too. it totally adds character.
    your house is looking amazing!!!! :)

  5. Everything looks so beautiful! I am so glad it is all coming together for yall. I am loving the look of those hardwood floors!

  6. It looks awesome! You'll be in so soon!!

  7. LOVE that gorgeous wood, seriously!! When's the big move?

  8. It's coming together nicely! It's actually looking like a home. The hardwood is so nice! I've never seen anything like that in a new house (unless its the original old wood. haha!)

  9. The wood floors look just like what we put in the La Habra house - love the rustic look! Good Choice!!!

  10. i'm loving your home ... everything is looking great!

  11. Hi There New Friend! Can I first just start by saying I'm beyond excited to find you & your cute blog? Seriously. The fur baby, you, & hubs are adorbs!

    Congrats on the house!

    Want to be friends?

    Pink Pistachio


  12. Why do I love hardwood floors so much? There's jsut something about them that just says "home."

    Happy Monday, Kate!

  13. ahhh I bet you are so excited!!! Everything looks SO GOOD! we have pendant lighting above our island in our kitchen also. Can't wait to see the finished product and when do you move in???


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