Monday, August 8, 2011

oh happy day!

We were invited to Matt & Allyson's housewarming party Friday night.
Not only did they just move into a new home, but that very day they found out they were pregnant with a girl -- So much to celebrate!
By the time I starting taking pictures half of the party had already gone home, but this fun group was left!
The happy parents-to-be with their little Madyson Rhodes in Mommy's belly!
Greg and Jennifer
Ryan and Briana
Yours truly
Cali wanted in on the photo shoot!
Napping on Daddy
Hiding in Bry's closet
Yet another great night with great friends.
Bryan and I have been out of town for the majority of this summer, but were so happy to be in town to help welcome our friends into their new home and to celebrate the good baby girl news!


  1. Aw sounded like a fun night! And your dog is precious! Love that you bring her out! :)

  2. Looks fun! Love when the pups get to join the party!

  3. aww how fun girl! that pup is just the cutest thing! xo

  4. awwwwwww the closet shot melts my heart what a cutie!

  5. Love that scarf girl! i have a thing for scarves, that one is gorge! Looked great paired with the orange tank!

    And cali is just too friggin cute!

  6. Awww Cali. She is the cutest.
    Have to chime in with the comments above, love the scarf!

  7. Aww congrats to your friends! Your hair looks beautiful curled like that! :)

  8. only thing missing here was a photo of me and the hubs "Raven and Rob."

    must. make. happen.

    ps you are SO gorgeous in that pic with that darn little dog. Just think how cuter would be if that dog was replaced by a little baby!!

  9. looks like a great time was had by all ... you are gorgeous!

    your little dog is adorable!

  10. That's awesome that you guys have so many couple friends around you. It helps a lot to have people who are in the same place in life as you, and as a super young newlywed, I have a difficult time finding that. All told, my husband and I have met three couples we got along with and who were within 5 years of our age.

  11. Awww, babies are always wonderful news! all the best to them!

  12. super cute and super fun. so gald you and the hubby got to spend some time together. could you be anymore gorgeous?!? love the pic of you and lil cali :)


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