Tuesday, July 12, 2011

pennsylvania & our 4th of july celebration

My parents booked their flights to Pennsylvania months ago.
Once I got word that I would be driving from New York to Minnesota, I planned my days off around visiting family along the way.
Bryan drove up with Cali from Charlotte.
My schedule allowed me 3 days at the farm with everyone!Bryan burning boxes of Martha trash for me in my uncles burn bin
The girl likes to take a load off out in the field Bryan threw chicken wing bones in the grass and my dad then put them up in the tree. The next day Cali was hot on the sent and was bound and determined to get those darn bones down from the tree!
Bryan kickin' it on my uncles walker!!!!
Just hoping the bones will fall from the tree!Bry went over to distract her
She really wanted him to get the bones down for her, but he wouldn'tSo instead he distracted her with a stick. Girlfriend loves fetch! 4th of July
My dad playing some b-ball out front
Cali loves cruisin' around my aunt & uncles property!
My girl was out cold... love her bedtime cuddles!The mom and dadAmish storeRelaxing on my families back porchMinor league baseball game with my dad, his fraternity brother and his son, Jonathon (who's also my good friend)It really was a boring few days in Pennsylvania.
Not sure why, but no one was their usual "fun" self, including myself.
Definitely goes down in the books as the most uneventful 4th of July weekends to date.
Oh well.
It was good to see all of my family!


  1. Awww it sounds like you all had a lot of fun! Btw, i have that same striped dress :)

  2. cali is just the absolute cutest. i really think her and scooter (my yorkie) should have babies! (well if he wasn't already fixed)... hahaha.

    and love the pic with all the ladies in stripes! too cute!

  3. It looks like a nice, relaxing, and enjoyable time with family!
    Y'all are so cute!
    And I LOVE amish stores!

  4. You guys totally win cutest couple of the year!!!

  5. Love that striped dress! Cali is SO cute! I always love when my the pass out on you like that! :)

  6. Looks like a great trip! That photo of all of the girls in stripes is too cute. :) Love your dress.

  7. Looks like y'all had a fun time :)

    Love your striped dress...too cute!

  8. You are stunning! And I love your little puppy- we have a teacup yorkie ourselves who is a DIVA! ha. Sorry your weekend was uneventful- sounds like fun all the same!

  9. Looks like such a great 4th! And you need to put where you get your clothes everyone you post a picture of yourself because I am always wanting everything you own. I love that y'all went to an Amish store. When we went to the Bradford store last weekend, an Amish family was selling fresh goat cheese, and obviously I have to get like 10!

  10. Looks a perfect couple of days with family :) Glad you had a great time, Kate!

  11. Love how you all are rocking the stripes!!! xoxo

  12. love love love the pics! Love your stripes and your parents :)

    have kids already will ya?

  13. Ah, they don't always have to be eventful and wild to be good though, right?


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