Tuesday, July 19, 2011

land of 1,000 lakes

What do you do when you have 3 days to play in Minneapolis and the Twins have away games?
Clearly you visit 1 of the 1,000 lakes!

Medicine Lake, check.

1 down.

999 to go!

I accidentally found myself at the Mall of America twice while in town!

Accidentally... meaning...... I drove myself there... and I bought a lot of stuff! How adorable is the Nickelodeon Universe smack in the middle of the mall?
Look who flew in to Minneapolis and spent the day with me!
I was one happy girl to have my honey in town!!!!Those are all LegosWe worked up an appetite walking around the mall, so we stopped at Cowboy Jacks on the way back to our hotel. Cowboy Jacks was jam packed... not 1 parking spot in the lot..... and draws a mix of old-timer cowboys and the 21st century after-work crowd. Bryan and I felt like we were transported to Fort Forth, TX. It was awesome!
There was a bullet in our table

Do you remember this post?

The day I posted "i'm loving" Bryan had gotten a call from the company I'm working with, which is a company that he and I have worked with a lot in the past.

They offered him a Production Manager postion on one of their programs.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect and he accepted the position that very day!

His 1st week was in Minneapolis, so I hung around Minni a few extra days so that I could spend time with my honey.

We had exactly 20 hours together.

We spent much of those 20 hours snuggling.

But as you see above, we stuck in some Minneapolis fun!

Before all of that we met up with our bosses, who were in town from Maine.

After falling alseep that night, I woke up to a loud "bleeeeeuuuuuwwwwwwwwk!"

I was startled and confused.

I then realized it was Bryan violently throwing up in the bathroom.

He had food poisoning.

Note to self, don't eat the ribs at Cowboy Jacks!

Poor guy...


  1. oh my thats aweful!.. i have never had it knock of wood!! but i hears its horrible!!!

  2. Aww I used to live in MN and would drive the hr to the Mall of America whenever I could. Next time you go to MN eat at Famous Dave's...yummy BBQ! Maybe your poor hubby won't get food poisoning there! -e

  3. Sorry to hear he got sick -- but glad you were still able to sneak in some fun!

  4. Glad you had a good time in MN! :) I'm a little biased (born and raised!) but it's a pretty fun place! That's horrible that Bryan got food poisoning!!!

  5. Food poisoning is the worst! I think you did a pretty job sounding out the sound of someone puking. I can just imagine it. ha.

  6. aww that is awful!! AT least you two got to spend some time together even if he was hanging over the toliet! So jealous you got to spent time at Mall of America I have always wanted to go!

  7. Minus the food poisoning (that's the pits!) and the short time together, it sounds like you both did a perfect job of squeezing in time together. I don't know how you do it Kate, but I know you both are such a strong couple that if anyone can do it, you can!

    Congrats to B on his new position BTW!

  8. Love your blog! All your pictures are beautiful! How do you get them to look like that and what camera do you use? I need some photography help!
    Thanks Kate!

  9. I love your dress in these photos!! Super cute.

  10. poor bryan :( that is just not fun, but yay for his new position. how exciting!


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