Tuesday, July 5, 2011

it's the little things that mean so much

Before I left home I ran around our apartment with little arrow sticky notes, writing messages on them and sticking them everywhere I could think.

Messages from me for Bryan to find while I'm gone.

I made about 20-25 of them!!

And boy did I get creative with the wording and the placement!

I put them in both of our cars, trunks, dresser drawer, nightstand, on his pillow, in the pantry, in a fridge drawer, on a plate, in the washing machine, in the shower (that said "Hottie!), on a window, etc.

My favorite one was the one I put on my camera saying "You break this, you die. Love you!"

I also put one on an old box of condoms saying "You use these while I'm gone. It's over. I love you!"


I put this one in the baking dish in our kitchen cabinet - "Baking, eh? Hehe! :)"

I think I told him he looked hot and I loved him on his closet mirror!

I hid this one in the car cup holder I stuck one on the toilet seat and left it up, knowing that Bryan always put down the lid and would find it!
Guest Bathroom Sink Flash forward 5 days...

After a long, hot day I arrived at my hotel in Connecticut.

To my suprise I had a package waiting for me at the front desk... from Bryan!

I clenched the package and ran up to my room with the biggest smile on my face and happy tears streaming from my eyes.

I got in my room and gleefully ripped open the package.From Bryan and Cali, so that I will always go to bed and wake up with pieces of them.
I called Bryan in tears.
I know we've only been married 1 year and priorities shift and expressive love fades over time.

I'm not naive. But I do think we're starting off on the right path.

I just hope that we both always strive to stay this connected for as long as we can.
But honestly, I don't know many men who do such special things for their girlfriends let alone wives.

Again, I love being the Mrs. to his Mr.

Just when I was finishing this post I got major hunger pains, so I put down my computer and ran down to the lobby to grab some delivery menu's.

On my way up the stairs I had to slow my stride because there was an old couple in front of me.

At their youngest they were 85.

White hair and wrinkles.... and struggling to get up the stairs.

There is no elevator, so stairs are are the only option.

Once up, they clung to the railing and wall and paused to catch their breathes.

As I passed them he slapped her on the ass!

Then then they laughed.

How insanely adorable is that?!

I got back to my room, called Bryan and told him that we had to be like that when we're old and grey!!


  1. OMG you are the cutest!!! love those post-its!! cutest and hilarious (the condom one).
    Your hubs is awesome!! I love that he sent you a gift while you are gone. Love it!!! YOu are so right not many guys do things like that...but I have to say, I think you and I got lucky because my hubs is so sweet like that too!! :) The little things :)
    I always tell Tony that when we are old, we need to be more in love than we are today. Like if we see old folks holding hands and laughing and obviously in love, I tell him that will be us someday :)

  2. Love this post! You and your hubby are too cute!!

  3. This is too cute! I am holding out for a guy like yours! I had tears reading that you had tears. haha you and your man are too cute.

  4. I just melted! How romantic! What are you doing in CT? (I live in Connecticutttt....)

  5. I am going to read this every time I start missing a guy who is not nice enough/good enough for me and every time I try to wish that things would work with said guys..ha I only hopeee I can find something close to what y'all have! I am so glad you are so appreciative of it :-) anddd I am so glad you are keeping your blog public. wooo hooo

  6. This post is adorable! And I love how you say that you will be his forever girlfriend!


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