Friday, July 22, 2011

lake path house update - lighting, pillars, mirrors and trees

At this point, everything with our house seems to be happening at rapid speed.
Daily differences and installations.
Below are 3 consecutive days worth of updates... amazing how much happens day to day!!


June 13, 2011
Almost every house has sold!Our outdoor light fixtures and pillars were installed
Love the pillars... and the brick matches the door color perfectly -- We chose a real red brick. We didn't plan on the door and brick matching so perfectly, but it does!
Garage door key pad *which had an added price attached to it*
We upgraded our kitchen sink faucet *for an added price of course* and love it!
This oven was a major splurge. I mean major! It was atually the most expensive upgrade in our entire house!! The standard oven was lovely, but only had 1 oven and the range just wasn't up to par, in my opinion. We met with our builder, Thomas, in our house to go over some stuff and he randomly stopped conversation and said that many neighbors have commented about our stove/oven to him. LOL, the neighbors are jealous! Yay! Our shower and bathtub faucets were installed. Those were an upgrade too *of course with a price attached* and we love them. Thank God! But we are planning on getting a nicer shower head once we move in...
Love love love our extended sink and added counterspace and cabinets!!
Attic in Childrens Retreat
View from back corner of formal living room into dining room and kitchen. Our lighting is in!Love our garage doors and side door out the garage. Of course they were upgrades. Bleck! I hate seeing all of these dollar signs spinning around Bryan's head, but whatev's - we love it all!June 14, 2011
As of today, we have a tree in the backyard! Love my tree!!
Checking out the side of the house... outdoor faucet placement, etc.
We have 2 trees in the front yard, yay!
Measuring for a refrigerator and the dude is touching up the paint. Guess where we went right after we left the house. Yep, to Lowes to look at fridges!
1st picture in our gorgeous kitchen!!!! Don't you love our island? No one else in our community has this two-tiered island and we think all the neighbors will be jealous, haha! And guess what? No added cost, yay!
Tip trays. Yep, upgrade and minor added cost.
Drawers? Included and a complete suprise to us. Score!
Cabinets under kitchen sink... love me all this organization!
What a difference a day makes! Our shower glass was installed.
Practicing reading...So excited to have mirrors!!! Notice the picture above from yesterday... they weren't there and now they are! Wonder when the sink faucets are going in???
We really like our garage. Weird, but true. The Infiniti parked in the driveway for the very 1st time. We pulled in and Bryan said "Honey I'm home. " Love it!We decided to install the kitchen backsplash ourselves. On our Lowes refrigerator trip earlier in the day we decided to look at tile too. We really liked this one. It's a bit daring for us, which is part of why we like it. We generally pick the traditional, rustic stuff. This is kind of a fun "pop!" We love it and we love it with our tile flooring, cabinets, knobs and wall color, but are unsure how it looks with the granite. Hmmmm.... what to do. What to do?! Oh, and it would go verticle, not horizontal...1st family picture inside the house Cali and her Daddy out by our tree. Cal's running around her backyard - so cute!
June 15, 2011
Just yesterday Bryan took a photo with the tree in our front yard and today? Today we have plants and flowers! They also put a plant in to hide the a.c. unit on the side of the house.Loving the way our entry way is turning out!Extra outlet in master bath. Was an upgrade with an added cost, so we declined... but to our suprise they did it anyway at no cost. Thank you builder!Getting ready for grass!You know how those crazy lil kiddos always have visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads?
Well Bry and I have dollar signs.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ And we still have to furnish this thing?
It makes me want to puke just thinking about it all... $$$$$!
And yes, we're taking donations :)


  1. Wow, your home is gorgeous!!! Keep us up to date on it! Love seeing the progress.

  2. I'm a pretty new follower!

    I love seeing your gorgeous home and pictures of the progress. I wish hubby and I had our own home, but we are just renting one for now :\

  3. Wow wow!! So gorgeous. I'm so excited for you :)

    <3-Cami from Serendipitious Life

  4. It looks great Kate & Bryan!! :)

  5. kate it is sooooo pretty! i love every bit of it and i am so excited for you guys :) such an exciting time. the brick and red door in the front are my faves. you got great taste lil lady.

  6. your entry way is STUNNING -- the house is simply gorgeous. this is all so exciting =) I can't wait to see it completed and have all your personalized decor added =)

  7. Love the new home! it's perfect!

  8. Gorgeous home Kate!! It's so perfect!

  9. I LOVE IT!!! Soo many fantastic things are happening in the house!!! When is moving day?

  10. okay, your house is amazing! so awesome that you get to make everything just the way you want excited for you. Everything looks so good!

  11. you are getting SO very close..all this progress is amazing and can't wait to see the finished product

  12. Wow it is looking so great! I love the color of the house and door. SO close to move in! :)

  13. I am giddy with excitement! The progress is awesomely awesome!

  14. It's really coming along! Can't wait to see it once it's complete!

  15. The house looks great. I absolutely love it! I know the $ is a huge expense, but it looks absolutely beautiful. Totally worth it to have something to call your own. Can't wait to see when it's all done. :)

  16. Beautiful home! I can't wait to see it finished and decorated. I am sure it is a little stressful with all the $$$ being spent, but it is well worth it. The two-tiered island rocks! :)

  17. I love it! Everything looks so nice!

  18. it is looking so GREAT!! I love everything especially how the front door matches the brick so well - perfect touch!

  19. Love the new home, its beautiful. We have that same kitchen faucet, LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Cant wait to see all your stuff in it. :)

  20. I know I say this on every house update you do, but I LOVE! Seriously, your house is so gorgeous!

  21. It is looking soooo good! I love everything! Your brick & door, master bathroom, amazing kitchen, entry, I could go on & on =) You will love those drawers in your cabinets! They were a surprised to us too!

  22. Kate, your home looks SO amazing! All of the little custom touches are so perfect & you'll never regret adding them. You guys must be thrilled to be finalizing everything!

  23. Lovely! That’s a lot of upgrades you pulled in one makeover. The change of lighting itself could be enough to improve the ambiance of the house. Anyway, I hope everything turned out perfectly with all those renovations, and that everything went according to your plan. All the best!

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical

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