Tuesday, July 26, 2011

minneapolis twins

While in Minneapolis, Bryan made his way to Target Field to watch the Minnesota Twins take on the Cleveland Indians.
He's now been to 16 of the 30 MLB stadiums!


  1. i used to live in MN and i am a twin so its safe to say they used to be my favorite!

  2. I love the theme of your blog. You guys seem to have a really exciting life!

  3. I love your new main pic :) Even sexier that you have a drink in your hand.

    My hub would love Bryan! He played pro ball and loves baseball. We need to all get together. We need to make this happen. You two travel enough that you HAVE to make it this way of the country SOMETIME....

  4. 1. you look freakin gorgeous in all these pics!
    2. i WANT that dress in your new profile pic..the one with drink in hand. adorable!
    3. Bryan's old dog is precious to me.
    4. i am loving you got to see your family :)


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