Friday, July 29, 2011

lake path house update - granite, plumbing, faucets and window screens

June 18, 2011
The whole backsplash thing has really been a toughy -- we made more trips to Lowes and Home Depot to buy tiles than for any other reason. I think this is the backsplash we're going to go with though -- Bry and I really love it and it matches the tile floor nicely!
June 22, 2011
Our granite has been revealed!
Love my counter tops and my stove/ovenEeek! So exciting!! The granite color looks perfect with the cabinet color and hardware we chose! (so glad we didn't go with silver/chrome/brushed nickel hardware... woulda looked like crapola!)
Love my shiney new counters (Do you like how I drink hot coffee in the middle of a 95 degree summer afternoon? What can I say, I like my chai anytime!)
I'm standing in front of the fire place looking into the family room and kitchen
We have screens in our windows now!
This is OUR home... can't wait to christen it. Wait. Did I just say that :)
My dishwasher has a spot for wine glasses, which is clearly a necessity in my vino loving world!
Flooring went into the upstairs guest bathroom (which will 1 day be the kiddo's bathroom, hence the laminate floors and white counters)
June 24, 2011
Bathroom faucets went in! This is the downstairs full bath.
With all of the photos I take of my kitchen, can you tell I love it? It's such a reflection of me and my style!
Plumbing was installed... and faucets in our master bath!
Love our upgraded faucets -- they weren't expensive, so it was worth every extra penny spent!
Master bath COMPLETE!
We have a HUGE front porch and this is not by coincidence. We got to design the whole thing ourselves, and obviously we made it as big as possible because I've only dreamt about a large rocking chair porch since I was a wee little tike. And that's a bizarre thing for a girl growing up in southern California to dream about!


  1. Aw how exciting! It's looking great! It'll be so fun when you get to move in and start decorating!

  2. I am SUPER envious of your huge front porch!!! :)

  3. Wow this is simply gorgeous! I love that your new stove have a 5th burner- we just bought one of those too :) I love your cabinet color- i think if we chose to build a house I would pick that color too!

    Your granite looks fantastic, and the tile back splash? I'm in love. I'm even thinking that maybe I want to go buy a back splash for our kitchen now! Oh boy I am so excited for you guys!!

    All that hard work has definitely paid off!

  4. I love everything about it!! So pretty!

  5. aw this is so exciting! Everything looks like it's turning out amazing! i love that porch ohh my goodness is beautiful!

  6. beautiful! I love your front porch! looks like a great place to sip some lemonade!

  7. Your updates make me want to build a house:) So fun!

  8. its coming together so beautifully!! Cannot wait to see more when u begin decorating!!

  9. Love the porch! That is exactly what I want on my dream house too!!!

  10. I happened on your blog a few days ago. I LOVE it. There is such a sweetness to the way you write. Congrats on your new home - beautiful! **and LOVE the porch too!

  11. I love it! A Cali native who loves front porches and rocking chairs? I knew you were my kind of gal. So happy for you pretty girl.

  12. Looks gorgeous!!! Super jealous, but in a good way ;)
    Love all the choices you've made. Can't wait to see the final results with everything decorated. I'm assuming you're not telling us when you get to move in? Its going to be a surprise huh? :)

  13. dang girl;
    this is lovely
    im major jealous
    can i come visit?
    i clean and cook?
    have a good weekend
    i cant wait for the final results!

  14. Very exciting! The time is going to fly by now!

  15. Oooooh I love the granite and the porch! I'd definitely love a big porch in our next house :)

  16. gosh I just love you. I love the clothes you wear, your style, soooo me.

    LOVE the granite. Love everything! I showed my hubs the faucets (since he owns a plumbing business) and said they were pretty awesome ;)

    Can't wait to come over for a house warming party and dirty up some wine glasses for that dishwasher or yours!!

    Oh, and have sex in every room of the house, just for me, ok?

  17. It's coming along so fast it seems. I love the tub and the kitchen space is so nice!

  18. Kate, i love your new home!! Love that you said "can't wait to christen it" (:

    and that front porch is to die for! so is your kitchen. that is two necessities for me when we get our forever home.

  19. It's coming around great! Don't you love building new! I love new construction! PS..I need a dishwasher that has a spot for wine glasses!

  20. It's coming along fabulously! I'm obsessed with the kitchen. It's like the perfect space to hang out, cook/eat, drink. The majority of my time spent at home is in the kitchen, so I'm glad you got your perfect kitchen :)

  21. This is a wicked post! Have you ever comppleted plumbing training courses? this is some amazing DIY!


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