Wednesday, April 6, 2011

what i'm loving

I'm loving that we spent Saturday afternoon with new friends. We liked them so much that we invited them over that same night!

I'm loving that my neice had her first soccer game this past weekend and that my mom sent me a picture message of her on the field. It made me feel included. Sometimes it's so hard missing these moments because I live so far away from my family... (my neice is the little blond in the middle in pink and my brother's the coach on the field on the right)

I'm loving that Bryan had 2 softball games this week and has decided to umpire for an adult baseball league. It's nice for him to get out and meet new people, all while being around the sport he loves! Plus, he gets paid to ump, cha ching!

I'm loving the warm sunshine and the crazy thunder/lightening storm we had!

I'm loving that we went out Monday night to celebrate our English friends who finally got engaged after 10 years together, YAY!!! We took them to a local wine bar and sat outside so we could enjoy the warm night-time weather. Bryan bought 2 bottles of champagne for us all and we talked engagement, wedding and future all night long!

I'm loving that a friend of a friend facebooked me and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. We're both new to the area and are looking for friends, so it was so nice to get this suprise e-mail, and, of course, I jumped at the opportunity! We went out to dinner last night and well, I felt like I could completely be myself and didn't have to worry about anything I said. It's kind of the first time I've felt like that in forever.... It was just easy, and easy friendships that come naturally, without a lot of nurturing, are what I'm all about these days!

Can you tell how ecstatic I am that I just had killer girl talk for 2.5 hours? .... Something I haven't had in FOREVER and miss so much!

I'm loving that we're going to our first Bobcats game tonight, YAHOO!!

I'm loving that I'm heading to San Francisco on Friday -- And I can't wait to get carded because my license will just look normal and won't strike up random conversation with the waitress/bartender. When I get carded in NC they automatically ask me if I'm visiting, if I live here. And if I live here, why'd I move away from CA. It'll be nice to just fit in...

I'm loving that I turn 30 tomorrow!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday a day early! Girl talks are so much fun, i always get excited when i get to do that!

  2. Happy almost birthday!!! I will be away from blogging tomm so I watned to tell you today :-)

  3. We could totally have girl talk together if WE move there!!! haha girl talk is great :)

    happy early birthday!!!!!

  4. Happy Early Birthday! I love thunder/lightening storms! We are still getting snow storms here and I can't wait until they turn into rain storms!!

  5. There is nothing better than having quality girl time and finding new friends! Happy early birthday!

  6. hooray fellow April baby =)
    Quality girl time is my favorite -- when I was getting to know my closest girlfriend, we spent ours running and training for a half about quality time, you HAVE to talk to make it through some of those miles lol =)

  7. Yay! So glad you might have made a super awesome new friend. Happy Early Bday!!! Have fun in the SF :)

  8. Here's to new friends! After my husband and I got married, I moved to a new city and have not quite made new friends yet. So nice to have girl talk every now and then! Hope you have a great birthday!

  9. Happy early birthday! Have fun in San Fransisco!

  10. Happy early Birthday, hope its a great one for you!

  11. Sending early Happy Birthday wishes your way - hope you have something special and fabulous planned!

  12. Found your blog through the link up... Its adorable! Happy Early Birthday by the way..and just to make you feel better..I cuss like a sailor :)

    Kae-Barefeet Make Me Happy

  13. Thanks for playing along!

    That's so great you're making some new girlfriends!


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