Thursday, April 28, 2011

the unreachable easter bunny + my easter outfit

I gave Bryan this little stuffed animal in the 1st Easter basket I ever gave him.

He brought it out this year and Cali spied it on the coffee table.

She wanted it so bad but couldn't figure out how to get to it.

At one point she was trying to bite the glass from underneath.

Could she be any cuter?! And many of you commented on my Easter outfit.

I too, love it and wanted to share with you all where it can be bought.

Earrings: Old Navy online

Shoes: Rack Room Shoes

Julie's Boutique is my go-to store when I'm in need of something entirely different and trendy. Unlike Forever 21 and H&M, I always know that whatever I buy from Julie's won't be worn by everyone and their mother!

I have exposed my jewelry secret to you all -- Old Navy jewelry. No one ever has my costume jewelry because I buy so much of from Old Navy online. Most people only think of Old Navy for cheap cottons, sundresses and casual scarves and flip flops, but they have killer jewelry! You must watch out though, some of their stuff looks really cheap in person. But so far, I've been satisfied with everything I've bought from them!


  1. I usually shop at Old Navy for simple cotton staples (pool dresses, tanks, t-shirts), but these items you posted are absolutely adorable! I especially love the skirt!

  2. Birkdale (and Charlotte in general) has the cutest boutiques!! I'm so jealous. Love the dress. Are you going to the AWOL concert thing on Saturday? A bunch of my friends are heading there for it this weekend, but I have some parties here I have to go to :(

  3. I'm a new reader to your blog and the very first thing I noticed was how cute your Easter outfit was. I've never heard of that dress store, so I will have to do a little search!

  4. Thanks for sharing where you got your dress! They have lots of cute things :)

  5. Your dress is so cute, I will have to check out that site. And that old navy necklace is awesome! Can't wait to see what they have. Who knew?

  6. Oh my word I am absolutely LOVING that dress!!! Love your blog and I am your newest follower.


    ps now i`m off to old navy to check out necklaces.

  7. I like that I called that a skirt on your easter post and I was so wrong! fail!

    My dog does the same thing with some easter bunnies my mom put out! I love when dogs do silly things because it's just precious....

    do you have twitter?! I'm tweeting about your blog because it's my new love


  8. OMG Cali and the Easter Bunny ordeal with the glass table was so made me laugh :)

    I meant to ask you, when you travel so much for work, who watches Cali for you?

  9. That's pretty good that your hubs still has that bunny around! and LOVE the dress. and who would have thought old navy has good online jewelry? Totally gonna have to check that out.

    aaannnndddd...where is the ques and answer post? hmmm? I'm waiting!

  10. When I first saw this photo of Cali when you posted it I died, hilarious!!!
    Never heard of this boutique.. I loved your dress! And you're right... everyone wears the same thing from Forever, including moi.


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