Monday, April 4, 2011

my trip to the final four

In honor of todays Championship game I figured that it would be fun to reminisce over my trip to the Final Four.

Back in 2008 I had the privilege to go to the NCAA Final Four in San Antonio with a client of mine.

Although this was a work trip, we were invited to VIP parties, had great seats to every game and even went to the Championship game when Kansas took the title.


  1. hey girl! came across your blog and am loving following! :)

    i did some blog creepin (woopsies dont be scared of me!) haha and am totally jealous of all those states you've visited..sheesh woman! so jealous thats awesome!!

    cant wait to read more!
    xoxoxo happy Monday

  2. how fun! i'd love to go to a final four game sometimes. especially if tennessee or unc were going :))

    ps, love your blog!

    have a good one! :)


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