Thursday, April 7, 2011

today's the day. i'm a bonafide adult!

In celebration of this monumental and exciting birthday, I have decided to open my blog up to questions.

Ask me anything.

Because clearly I have some life experiences under my belt now that I'm 30, LOL!!!

(As if yesterday I was a teen and today I'm an adult... :)

And please don't let me look lame... Someone. Anyone. Please ask a question. Pa-leeeease.

You don't want to make a birthday girl cry, now do ya?!

Ask me about anything and I'll do a blog post responding to everyone... this could be so fun, right?!


  1. Happy Birthday !!!!! You better be going out and celebrating tonight :) and your a lucky girlie cuz you get to go on a vacation soon for your friends wedding right? :) I'm super jealous!!
    Question time: 1) how did you get the courage to leave your family and move cross country?
    2) Who is more sensitive you or Bryan?
    3) Being that you travel everywhere... What is your dream vacation?
    4) Are you planning to have babies?

    Happy Birthday favorite bloggy friend!!!! Can't wait to hear what hubs got you ;)

  2. Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!! Hope you have a great day!! :)

    You may have answered these questions on your blog before but I'll ask anyway :)
    How long have you and your husband been together? How did you meet?
    What is your favorite place to travel to? Why?
    What was it like leaving the west coast for the east coast? emotions? do you wish you could go back?

    Enjoy your birthday <3

  3. Happy birthday!! I hope you're doing something fabulous!

    Questions, questions, hmm...

    If a movie was being made about your life, who would you want to play you and Bryan?

    Silly, I know! Haha

  4. Appetizer to dessert ... what is your hands-down favorite meal?

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! Hope it's a fantastic day!!

  6. If you could have one Do Over moment in your life, what would you fix?

  7. Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!!

    -Do you feel any different being 30?
    -Is there a habit that Bryan has that you aren't particularly fond of: ie -- nail biting, chews with his mouth open, leaves his laundry on the floor?
    -what is your favorite candy

  8. Happy 30th birthday!!!! I hope you have an amazing birthday!!

    Questions, hmm...

    If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

    What made you start blogging?

    What do you love the most about your dog? :)

    Jenn @

  9. Happy B-Day to my beautiful daughter-in-law - #30, huh!!!

    What is your favorite memory?

    Is #30 hard for you? It was my most difficult.


    My question is this: when are you wanting to have bbbaabbiess?!

  11. Happy Birthday Kate!!! Hope you have a fabulous time celebrating with Bryan! We miss you :)

  12. Happy Birthday!!!

    Question: Why did you decide to move to NC??

    I'm a California girl and my BF is from NC and always tries to convince me to move there. I'd love to know why you chose to!

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! You are so old...NOT! What are y'alls plans for your birthday anything fun?! (That's wasn't the ask me anything questions. lol.) I'll have to get back to you with those!

  14. Happy birthday Kate!! have a wonderful night (:

  15. Happy Birfday to you pretty lady!!! Soak it up and have a tasty beverage!

  16. Happy Birthday Kate!:) The big 3-0!
    Where did you get your dog? and how did you pick her name? Tell us the story about her, everything- or if you have a link about it, I'd love to read it! I think she is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

  17. I'm a day late...but still wishing you the happiest birthday!!

    And as for a question..instead of 30 things you would like to do before your about 5 things you would like to do before you are 40?

  18. Hope you had a great birthday!

  19. Happy, happy birthday! Sorry I missed the actual day.

    For my question, I'll make it an easy one. What is your favorite kind of cupcake?


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