Friday, April 8, 2011

bobcats vs. magic game

Being that this was our first Bobcats game, it was a great game to see!

There was a fight -- which is always fun!

There was a time where I was screaming... literally screaming. So clearly I felt the vibes of the crowd and was able to get into the game.

Their halftime show, cheerleaders and music were great!

We don't yet have a team that we root for here in Charlotte, and I will always love my Lakers and Bryan will always love his Clippers, but I think that we're going to become Bobcat fans....

And now that Michael Jordan owns them, maybe they'll get some better players.

We'll see!


Moving onto important things like... EMILY!

She was sitting front and center at the Bobcats game on Monday night.

I went to Thursday nights game.

Damn, I missed her by a few short days...


  1. how exciting =) I love going to sporting events =) its so much more fun than watching on TV lol

  2. Looks (and sounds) like a great time. :) Fun fun.

  3. More important than game - where's Brad?

  4. ok you are totally gorgeous, now I want your hair. Now i want to die mine back blonde and have it look like yours. Tell me this though (because I'm nosy and want your hair) do you curl is with a curling iron? Big barrel? I must know.

  5. How fun! SO we def don't leave too far from each other! I live in NC too :)

  6. i went to a bobcat game back in february when my beloved miami heat came :) i loved the city of charlotte. i might even go back soon to go shopping and tour the city :D

    glad you had fun!

  7. So bummed you went! I posted this on my Facebook to see if anyone wanted to go because there was a great deal on tickets. The Magic is my team!

  8. looks like fun!! i love when you find yourself yelling and cheering because you're so into a game...and emily, i adore her!


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