Monday, April 11, 2011


Some are good. Some are not so good.

This birthday was not so good. It's true. But we're going to Cabo and will celebrate down there, so I'm hopeful that it'll help to make this 30th birthday memory a better one. Pfft!

Onto the fact that I've never liked my birthday. Even as a kid, I didn't like the attention. I still don't like the attention. I have super low expectations for my birthday and actually like it that way... it just works better for me. I guess I had a little bit higher hopes for my 30th. Shame on me. But on a good note, I got a relaxing and deep massage that much needed and that made my day a lot better!

So, I will be posting no pictures from my birthday because I didn't take any :)

You know what I noticed on my birthday though? Hardly anyone called me this year. I got tons of love on facebook and several texts, but very few phone calls. It kind of showed me who the important people in my life are... or who I am important to. A text is great, don't get me wrong! And from some people, a text is all I would want anyway. But facebook? When did facebook become the way to celebrate someone YOU KNOW IN REAL LIFE's birthday??? I think it's super sweet when people from high school, college and even some of my bloggy friends wished me a happy birthday on facebook -- I loved it and appreciate it to know end! But I received so many facebook comments from people I'm friends with in real life... people who's friendship I value... people who are important in my life...... people who I thought I was important to...... and all they did is say "Happy Birthday" on a facebook comment, just like people from high school did who I haven't spoken to in over 10 years? I loved the private facebook messages and the e-mails I got -- that was super thoughtful! But a quick comment saying "Happy Birthday" from a real friend was just kind of sad to me. I celebrate my friends every chance I get and maybe these friendships are one-sided. Hmmm. Or maybe I'm being sensitive. Maybe technology really is taking over. I just don't get it. All I know is that I am putting way more effort into those friends who picked up the phone and left me a voicemail on my birthday. Even those who sent a text message, email or facebook message are going to get more love from me.

Don't you fret, I've totally snapped out of it. My birthday was just a bad day, and I've spent the weekend in San Francisco and am currently en route back home to my family - Bryan and Cali. I really miss them.....


  1. I am not a fan of my birthday either! Dread it most years in fact...
    Sorry yours wasn't fantastic, but I have a feeling Cabo will make up for it!

  2. I've been noticing the same thing as technology and facebook gets bigger. Not even for just birthdays anymore, it's become TOO easy to keep in touch with facebook that real face time and conversations are becoming fewer and fewer. I'm trying to do better at calling people in my life rather than talking over facebook.
    Sorry it wasn't a great day for you =(

  3. The same thing happened on my birthday with some of your "real friends" only texting or facebook messaging. One of my really good friends I didnt hear from at all (she claims she texted, but I'm not sure that I believe her...esp when she got no "thank you" response, wouldnt you try again?)
    Hopefully your time down in Cabo will be perfect to make up for some of the ickiness! :)

  4. Sorry your birthday was a bit of a letdown Kate :( I think as you get older you definitely realize more and more who you're true friends are and who would do anything for you. Facebook definitely takes away the old days of calling someone. I'm sure no one meant to hurt you and they love you very much but I can totally see feeling that way too. Hope you have a safe trip back and have a fabulous time in Cabo "re-doing" your birthday :) I love reading your blog and seeing where you ended up in life - so fun! How has it been 12 years since we graduated - crazy!

  5. I think a card is most personal so I hope you received mine, probably arrived after your birthday. And I know the feeling about the 30th b-day bummer, I wanted a get together last year with my friends and hardly anyone came. So I know what your going thru, went thru it 1 year ago. Again Happy Birthday! Libby

  6. I totally understand what you mean about facebook. On my birthday I did not get a phone call, voicemail, or even a text from my in-laws....all I got was a facebook comment on my wall! I was pretty upset by it as I feel the same way you do...facebook is fine for old high school/college friends, people who don't have my phone #, or those that I am more just acquaintance's with, but NOT family and close friends!! It is so dis-heartening. Glad to hear you had a nice weekend though and are starting to feel better about it. And, have sooo much fun in Cabo!!

  7. Oh no girl. That is awful that your birthday was a bummer. Has happened to me a few times and I get to the point where I feel like why even celebrate?!?!
    I think sending birthday messages via text or Facebook is a cop out, especially by those that are close to you. That's one reason I deleted Facebook. It gives people an easy way out to check up etc.
    If family and good friends text/Facebook instead of call I totally get my feelings hurt because I am like you and show tons of love when someone is celebrating.
    With all that being sad, I hope when you go on vacation here soon that you celebrate like crazy at the beach!!! Get tan, have lots of drinks and relax :)

  8. I would of called you but the only way I talk to as of right now is via Facebook and BLOGGER! :)

    Everything is all about Email or text to communicate....I'm very close to having a big falling out with my best friend, whom since she got married 2 year ago, says she just doesn't "text" people bec she's bad about that...I'm like girlfriend really? I know if your husband be texting you, you text right back, hows come I have to suffer!?!

    Anywho........when will you return to NC?

  9. So Sorry to hear about your day ; ( Being back with family will really help!

  10. Technology IS taking over. I'm glad to hear that you like more personal happy birthdays and will keep that in mind now when I leave a facebook comment and take note if it's somebody I need to straight out call. I am one who will let the phone go to voicemail if I'm out celebrating, although I do love birthday voicemails - they make me smile!

  11. I am the same way about my birthday. Never have fully enjoyed it..I call it the birthday blues that happen on the actual day of my birthday. It is the best way to explain it. Happy belated birthday to you!

  12. Cabo will be amazing!!!
    I am really bad about remembering birthdays... and actually have gotten in trouble lately for it with a few friends. When I do remember, or after the couple of days when it dawns on me I am the worst friend ever, I always call. I agree that Facebook and texting will never replace it.


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