Friday, February 18, 2011

how we spent the week leading up to our wedding

Bryan, myself and our families arrived in St Thomas 1 week before our wedding.
We rented a beautiful villa, the Sand Dollar Estate, which doubles as the islands "White House," for the US presidents when they visit the island.
The beginning of the week was very relaxing.
But as the week progressed and our wedding date drew near, guests began arriving and my planned activities commenced.
Bryan, my dad and I all arrived to the island first.
The 3 of us rented a condo (for the night) in the same hotel that our rehersal dinner was going to be held at later that week.
While I was doing my hair and make-up run thru, our mom's and my aunt and cousin sat in Bryan's and my family room and put together the welcome letters and wedding favors. They had a blast and were so incredibly helpful!

Wedding Favors

Meeting with our wedding coordinator
Relaxing in the Sand Dollar Estate with our families
(Bryan and I stayed at the Little Sand Dollar right next door)
Walter, the house manager, with Bryan and his mom
Our mom's with Bryan
As our thank you to our parents, we wrote them notes expressing our gratitude for everything in life, including their support throughout the wedding planning process, and placed them under there bedroom doors.
They found these notes in the morning, which also said that our thank you to them was that we were taking them out on a sunset sail around the island.
We took pictures at Drake's Seat on our way... Bryan with his parents at Drake's Seat
Sharyn and Russ on the sunset sail
My dad and I
View of Magens Bay from the balcony of the Sand Dollar Estate
The view looking the other way... just days later, our wedding reception would be on the deck below Our guests have arrived and the wedding activities began...
Magens Bay Beach Day
I love my bridesmaids Renee, Sara and Molly... hot hot hot!
Kylee wasn't in town yet and Alicia isn't in the picture :(We were blessed to have so many friends travel to the Caribbean for us!
Part of our crew... The soon-to-be bride and groom... we were seriously basking in excitement!
Our families and friends on the sand Bryan with his best friends from childhood We had just picked up our marriage license from the courthouse and are in the church dropping it off -- big moment!
Bryan and I with my neice, who was our adorbale flower girlMy dad hired the steel pan drum player (who we also had play during our cocktail hour) to come to the Sand Dollar Estate and play on the patio for everyone staying in the villa and for our familiy and friends who were on the island
Me and the guys!
Dancing with my adorable neice My family and friends know how to have a good time! We all went to Udder Delight daily for our adult milkshakes...Soooooo yummy... I'm craving one now!


  1. Sounds like a blast! I would love to be on the beach right now...

  2. Oh wow that looks amazing! We stopped in St Thomas on a cruise, but that was the only time that I've been there... I did say that it was my favorite place! It's so gorgeous, I would love to go back... but a wedding there?! You lucky lucky gal!

  3. So beautiful! I love that you had a destination wedding!!

  4. omg those pictures are gorgeous!!! the island is beautiful. how awesome that so many family and friends flew down there for you two :)

  5. wow Meagan's Bay looks SO different when it isn't overcast haha! When J and I were there for our honeymoon, it was very overcast and while pretty, not nearly as beautiful as your pictures!

  6. Oh wow - the memories! I want to go back!

  7. Nice! We also took a catermeran sail while we were there. Was it with Morningstar Charters? They were awesome :) That's a great gift idea for your parents! Your notes to them were very sweet too.

    Your pictures are great! I love looking through them! :)


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